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Change Your Ceiling Fan Direction in Summer and Save!

Did you know that ceiling fan direction in summer plays a huge part in staying cool when it's hot and actually saves you money on your utility bill? Changing the fan direction is vital to maximizing the cooling effect. This is because it gets the air in the room moving and the breeze whisks away hot air from around your body and keeps you feeling cool. Ceiling fan direction in summer a plays a huge part in staying cool when it's hot and actually saves you money on your utility bill

The best part about switching the direction this room fan rotates is that it takes only minutes and costs you nothing. Yet the switch can significantly cut cooling costs. Setting the fan to rotate correctly allows you to get the most out of its cooling power, taking the edge off of summer heat.

Why Summer Ceiling Fan Rotation is Important

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When ceiling room fans rotate correctly, they help combat the natural tendency for heat to rise and gather at the top of a room. A fan's ability to circulate the cooler air from the floor with the hot air you are standing in is the key to making a room feel cooler.

The breeze these fans create feels great because it moves the natural heat your body produces away from you, making you feel much cooler.

In reality, a ceiling fans rotation does not change the temperature in a room; however, because you feel cooler you don't need to turn on the AC.

There are some exceptions to these guidelines though. For example, if these room fans are mounted in a room with a ceiling that's too high and you don't feel a breeze when it's on, it's probably best to leave the fan moving in reverse so the warm air is circulated more effectively.

Another important thing to consider is the location of the ceiling fan. If you set the rotation for summer cooling and are disturbed by the breeze then leaving the fan in the reverse setting might be more helpful.

For example, the fan may be installed above your dining table where the breeze may not be welcome. Or perhaps you are bothered by the breeze while sleeping and experience dry eyes or a sore throat in the morning.

Changing the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan is Easy!

Changing the the way the rotation is often as simple as pressing a button on a remote or using a wall control and sometimes it involves a little bit more work.

Many fans have a small switch on the frame of the fan motor or just above or below. To change the direction you will need to follow these steps:

Determine the direction it's spinning - if it's already spinning with a higher leading edge and blowing air downward then your fan is ready to go for the summer!

Stop it from spinning before toggling the switch - you wouldn't want to hurt yourself or break your fan!

Use a step ladder to reach the switch - be careful and make sure to move any hazards that you might fall onto.

Find the switch and change its position - simple enough.

While you're up there - now would be a great time to dust the top of your fan blades and change any lights that might be burnt out on your fan.

That's it - your done, pat yourself on the back and enjoy the savings on summertime cooling!

Other Ways to Save in the Summer

Even with the correct summer rotation it can often become too hot to handle and you have to resort to air conditioning or evaporative cooling to cool things down. There are a few great ways that you can still save even if it is too hot to use a ceiling fan alone.

Evaporative cooling is one of the most effective ways to stay cool while on a budget. The cost of running an evaporative cooler is less than an air conditioning system and can be nearly as effective in hot, dry climates. Combined with a summer ceiling fan, you can often keep cool without needing an air conditioner at all.

If changing the direction of your ceiling room fan isn't enough to keep you cool and you live in a climate that isn't suitable for evaporative cooling then air conditioning may be your only option for beating the heat.

A great way to save money when using a AC is to set your thermostat to 78° F when you're at home and turn your air conditioning off when you're away. It actually costs less to re-cool your house than to keep it cool while you're away.

Another way to maximize the benefit of changing your summer ceiling room fan direction is to plant trees and keep rooms shaded as much as possible. Having natural tree shade can actually reduce cooling costs by up to 30%. Window coverings that keep the sunlight out of the room are also good at keeping the air cool in a room. This makes the correct ceiling fan direction in summer even more effective because the air being circulated is cooler.

More Ways to Save with the Right Ceiling Fan Direction

Whether it's summer or winter a ceiling room fan can save a lot of money on your heating and cooling costs. Operated year round can cost as little as $100 to operate depending on your electricity rates. With the correct fan direction in summer you can save up to 40% on cooling costs. Even in winter with your room fan reversed you can save up to 10% on heating!

It takes only a few minutes and you will feel refreshed and reinvigorated! With so many great reasons to switch ceiling fan direction in summer there should be no reason not to spend the few minutes it takes to get you fan ready for summer!


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