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5 Reasons Why All Your Small Windows Deserve a Small Window Fan

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Small windows can be a nuisance when it comes to cooling down an apartment or small spaces. That is mainly due to the fact that small windows do not let the outside air in to efficiently pass through the house and ventilate it. The small windows prevent the warmer air that has built up inside of the house to go out, and likewise prevent the cooler air in the atmosphere (which is denser) to travel inside.

Clean and proper ventilation is imperative for a healthy living. And if you're on the lookout for a cheap way keep your house or apartment at a perfect temperature, then is vital that you invest in some very good small window fans.

Small window fans are perfectly designed to keep small living spaces like apartments to maintain temperature. But if you haven't yet made up your mind about getting cost effective window fans for your apartment, then here are some very compelling reasons why you should:

1. Small Window Fans Help Achieve the Ideal Temperature

Small window fans are perfect for maintaining a pleasant and cool environment inside of the house. They significantly aid in the ventilation of the house, so no matter how hot the day is outside, the temperature inside your house will always be cool. Did you know that a small window fan can considerably lower the inside temperature of your house by 20 degrees? And because they are relatively cheaper than other cooling products, you can install them in a number of spaces inside your home.

2. You Couldn't Ask for Easier Installation comfort zone cz309-6

You'd be surprised at how simple installing a small window fan actually is. Most small window fans come with instructions and the entire kit that will aid in you in setting up the fan. All you have to do is simply take the portable small fan and stick it to the small window. There are expander panels given so that you can stretch the panels according to the length of the window. Just use the mounting kit provided with the fan and presto! You have your fan.

Different window fans have different mounting kits. All you need is to follow the instructions and have a tool kit handy with you.

Small window fans are designed to consume less energy because of the low wattage. This means that the fans hardly cost anything to be operated, just a few dimes at most. Window fans in comparison to portable air conditioners and window ACs are far more cost effective. And the best part is that these fans lower the temperature far quicker and up to 20 degrees F. So you're getting something cheap but highly effective.

Small windows come is all shapes and sizes and you can get yourself a fan for as little as $29!

3. Reverse Functionality to Provide Effective Cooling

Whenever you decide to get a small window fan make sure that you get one which has a reverse functionality feature. Fans that have reverse functionality blow the winds in two directions allowing the air to cool and ventilate at the same time. So in essence, you are not only enjoying cooler outside air but also ventilating your entire apartment, depending on the amount of small fans you have installed.

intake exhaustReverse ventilation allows for the air to travel much faster, which in turn affects the hot and sticky indoor air, and ultimately it gets blown away outside of your house. It's great for ventilating your house instantly. For example, if you close all your windows and go out of the house, your indoor space will trap all the hot air inside, and when you come back and turn on the fans, the reverse function will allow cooler air to pass through while throwing out the bad, hot air.

Window fans ventilate your indoor space much faster than air conditioning. Although air conditioners are excellent for cooling your home, the fact still remains that they take way too much time to cool your house than small window fans.

Window fans are also ideal for bathroom windows which also tend to be small. Have you been bothered by all that moisture during your hot shower? Well you don't have to, because window fans for bathrooms are perfectly suited for drawing away all that moisture. Reverse bathroom fans are good for keeping the bathroom clean, dry, and ventilated.

4. Quit Paying So Much for Energy Bills

Why pay so much in energy bills when you can save and enjoy at the same time? If you have an air conditioning unit and you're really tired of paying so much just to keep your bedroom or other living spaces cool, then get a window fan. Window fans are excellent for keeping temperatures cooler inside even on those hot summer nights.

At nightfall, the surrounding atmospheric temperatures lower considerably, even in the summer season. Since window fans are designed to cool and ventilate indoor air, you can use them to cool your bedroom instead of turning on the AC.

5. Perfect for Kitchen Ventilation

You can only imagine how hot it can get inside of the kitchen in the summer season. Many find it impossible to cook food or prepare dinner in the summer time. Without proper ventilation, the heat from your stove and oven will cease to escape and remain indoors further warming up the kitchen and the surrounding area. You cannot overstate the importance of window fans in this situation. Window fans considerably lower the kitchen temperature and allow for cool air to pass making the area much more pleasant.

Plus these window fans also draw out all the hot air and replace it with cooler air coming from outside of the house, thus maintaining optimal ventilation. Reverse window fans are also ideal for small kitchen windows as they not only cool the inside air but also eliminates bad odor, the hot sticky air and smoke from the kitchen.

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Experience the joy of cooking food, preparing breakfast, and making dinner comfortably in the kitchen with these incredible small window ventilation fans.

The Bottom Line

All in all, one cannot underestimate the benefits of a small window ventilation fans, they are designed to keep small spaces like apartments cool and pleasant. You have to think about everything the way this economy is going, and people these days cannot afford to keep their ACs running all the time. Window ventilation fans are a perfect solution, they are less pricey, infinitely more effective, and easy to install.

With peak summer months on our tail, investing in small window fans for your apartment windows can be a great way to chill in the summer heat. Don't forget to think about your kids as well. Being exposed to extreme heat is dangerous for everybody.

So instead of keeping the AC on all the time, try using the best of both worlds: use your window fans in the day and AC in the night, or simply use your fans for both times of day. The choice is yours. Make a wise one.

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