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Your Glossary of Cooling Unit Abbreviations

There are many abbreviations and acronyms in the air cooling industry that can leave the most intelligent person shaking their head in frustration.

Understand the many different initials and what they mean and you are well on your way to understanding the many different components, measurements and technical mechanical functions that make up a cooling unit.

We have compiled a list of the most used acronyms and abbreviations that you might find on an air conditioning unit so that you can be better informed when shopping for a new unit.

Gloss 1-4-550x696

Gloss 5-8-550

Gloss 9-12-550

Gloss 13-16-550

While there are literally hundreds of acronyms and initials used by air conditioning technicians, these are the most commonly found on information sheets for new units that consumers are looking for.

Understanding the power that a unit has, the energy that it will use, the points of DB, DP, and WB at which it is most effective and the fan types of a unit will help you make a better-informed purchase.

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