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The Wireless Wonders of the Dimplex Smart Heaters

The Dimplex exclusive Single- and Multi-zone ProgrammableCONNEX™ Controllers wirelessly control the Linear Proportional Convectors (LPC), Precision Comfort Heater (PCH) and the Proportional Panel Convectors (PPC).


Proportional Panel Convector

These smart heaters move warm air quickly and evenly across a Nickel chromium resistance wire heating element. Convection heating does not use a fan, which means silent and comfortable heating.

The Precision comfort panel provides:

  • A built-in electronic thermostat with wireless CONNEX™ capabilities
  • Safe heating
  • Energy savings

Linear proportional convector

The LPC uses advanced heater technologies to provide single- or multi-zone heating. This baseboard heater saves space because it is approximately 42% smaller than traditional baseboard heaters.

In addition it provides 40% faster airflow than traditional designs. Through sophisticated learning technology, the LPC automatically determines even the slightest changes in room temperature and adjusts accordingly. This process never stops working.

This new baseboard heater provides:

This fan-forced heater uses patented PVO™ technology to adjust fan speed and to quietly heat a room to within 0.2°F or 0.1°C of the selected temperature. The heater uses up to 29% less energy than a conventional fan heater with a wall thermostat.

The Precision Comfort heater provides:

  • A built-in electronic thermostat with a variable heat-output and fan speed
  • CONNEX™ wireless capabilities
  • Single-zone heating
  • Multi-zone heating
  • Ultra quiet operation

connex-product-wheel-300The Multi-Zone CONNEX™ Controller uses wireless technology to communicate with Dimplex Linear Proportional Convectors, Proportional Comfort Heaters and Panel Convectors to provide maximum comfort and energy efficiency throughout the entire home.

CONNEX™ wireless technology synchronizes multiple heaters and convectors to one controller to ensure precise temperature control throughout the home.

Linear Proportional Convectors, Precision Comfort heaters and Precision Panel Convectors work independently of each other even when on a shared electrical circuit, while the CONNEX™ controller provides instructions for temperature settings.

This controller also provides temperature control for up to four zones, with seven-day programming and micro-zone heating, which eliminates cold spots.

Use this system to:

  • Operate one or more Linear Proportional Convectors, Precision Comfort Heaters and Panel Convectors
  • Set multi- or single-zone heating
  • Control micro-zone heating where there are multiple heaters in a large room
  • Realize increased energy savings monthly
  • Earn considerable savings that allows the CONNEX™ system to pay for itself in three to five years

Radio Frequency Control

Equipped with CONNEX™ wireless technology, this multi-zone programmable controller synchronizes with the internal thermostats of Dimplex Linear Proportional Convectors, Precision Comfort Heaters and Panel Convectors for easy whole home control.

The wireless controller can control several heaters at one time and offers single- or multi-zone control. The controller operates heating systems with efficiency.

Zone control

A home can be portioned into heating zones or specific areas that can be programmed to a variety of temperatures at the same time.

By portioning the house into zones, the controller can be programmed to raise the temperature in particular rooms during the time that they will be used.

Meanwhile other rooms that are not in use may have the temperature reduced, thus making the use of energy as efficient as possible.

Control up to Four Heating Zones

connex-controllers-diagram-Dimplex multi-zone programmable CONNEX™ controllers allow the scheduling of heaters in up to four zones for maximum comfort and efficiency. This allows the users to program according to their particular needs and lifestyles.

Micro-zone heating, which provides individual temperature control in rooms and other spaces, takes care of any cold spots, providing even and consistent temperatures.

Connected to one or more Linear Proportional Convectors, Precision Comfort heaters and Precision Panel Convectors, CONNEX™ controllers ensure that temperatures are evenly distributed throughout the home.

Remarkable Features

  • Quick Set programming for seven days and up to four daily events
  • Radio frequency control
  • Control of heat for multiple heaters for up to four zones
  • Backlit touchscreen display, for ease of entering temperatures
  • Detachable from wall mount
  • Simple maintenance
  • Micro-zoning for cold spots
  • Detachable mounting bracket

Programming Options

Heaters within each zone can be programmed to operate as desired no matter the model???Linear Proportional Convectors, Precision Comfort heaters and Precision Panel Convectors. Each heater can be programmed to work independently of the other while providing home comfort while realizing increased energy savings.

shop-dimplex-heaters-300With one CONNEX™ controller all heaters can run concurrently. Different programs may be chosen for each day of the week with up to four daily events???when the users wake, are away, are at home and asleep.

Touchscreen Display

CONNEX™ controllers are equipped with a digital display for ease of programming. A backlit design improves readability, and the touchscreen controls allow programming of the heating system to maintain an accurate temperature within 1°F or 1/2°C of the chosen temperature. With a wall mounted detachable installation bracket, heaters may be programmed from just about anywhere.

CONNEX™ controllers can go where you go; programming can be performed anywhere, from a living room sofa or from a comfortable bed.


  • The Multi-zone Programmable CONNEX™ controller with touchscreen is easy to use and allows seven-day and four-event programming.
  • Precise whole home control can be executed with only one controller.
  • The multi-zone Programmable CONNEX™ Controller manages all heaters, zones and programs for the entire home.
  • The requirement for two AA batteries makes them easy and economical to use. The controller lets users know when the batteries will need changing. Before the battery dies the controller gives an ample warning.
  • Because temperature sensing occurs when cool room air is drawn into the heater itself, the result is a more suitable temperature.
  • The built-in radio frequency transceiver eliminates the need to run wires.
  • It provides temperature control in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Single Zone Remote Wall Controller


The single-zone remote controller is able to operate the multiple heaters on one circuit. This means that the users need only to install one remote control for all of their units for whole home control.

Use this CONNEX™ controller to:

  • Operate one or multiple heaters
  • Have independent control of multiple heaters on a shared circuit
  • Take advantage of single-zone comfort
  • Earn energy savings through state-of-the-art heater technology
  • Use linear convector remote controls to synchronize all heaters

Radio Frequency Control

Dimplex Linear Proportional Convectors, Precision Comfort Heaters and Panel Convectors all have built-in thermostats that synchronize with the CONNEX™ single-zone controller. The controller is able to control as many heaters, within one zone, that are within up to 50 feet of each other. After synchronization, individual heating settings may be programmed according to specific heating needs for each room.

Special Features

  • Temperature controls for multiple heaters within one zone
  • Backlit touchscreen display for easy programming
  • Radio frequency communication
  • Marked energy savings

Multiple Settings

A variety of settings are available to program each heater within a single zone to the precise level of comfort.

The Single-Zone CONNEX™ controller communicates with the internal thermostats in the individual heaters, which allows the users to set options such as comfort, temperature and economy.

The controller also has a locking feature that prevents changes to the programming. This is especially beneficial for homes that are rented, giving the landlord total temperature control of the rental without worrying about tenants making unwanted changes.

Single Zone Heating

The Single Zone Remote CONNEX™ controller enables the users to set individual heaters within a single zone to operate independently of each other, but to work in harmony to efficiently provide maximum comfort.

The individual temperature control of rooms or Micro-zone heating takes care of cold spots and helps to maintain a consistent temperature.

Touchscreen Display

lpc-thermo-300Equipped with a digital display and a backlit design, CONNEX™ Single-Zone controllers provide the setting of temperature programs with a touch of the screen.

Because the touchscreen controller communicates with a heating unit's internal thermostat, a precise temperature, within 1°F or 1/2°C of what is selected, can be maintained.

The wall-mountable detachable installation bracket allows for remote programming. This single-zone controller uses two AA batteries to operate, saves time and material???no holes to cut or wires to run.


  • Convenient to use
  • Inexpensive maintenance, requiring only 2 AA batteries
  • Precise whole home control within one zone
  • Communicates with a heater's internal thermostat to help reduce energy costs by up to 33%
  • Wireless control
  • Easy touchscreen programming
  • Controls micro-zone heating for individual temperature control in different rooms

You'll never have to worry about programming your heat for winter time. The Dimplex Smart heaters will do all the thinking for you.


Dimplex CONNEX Technology Brings Innovation to Home Heating

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