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Hibernating in Your RV for the Summer: Four Great Appliances That Will Turn Your RV into a Home

Summer RV

Summer is a great time to travel the country, go camping, have family vacations, or just get away from it all. Maybe you have a RV parked outside your home that you use for guests or to entertain in your yard. With just a couple of appliances, you can transform your RV into a home away from home.

Beat the Heat (and Humidity!)

Many people travel during the summer, the nice weather makes camping or driving long distances a lot easier. However, it's also the hottest time of year, and in some climates, you'll be facing some pretty strong humidity. The solution is getting an air conditioner. Upgrade your RV with a window air conditioner, a rooftop air conditioner, or a portable air conditioner.

Window air conditioners work well, if your RV has the right type of window. If you don't have a lot of windows in your RV, or you want an unobstructed view,  window ACs may not be the best choice.

Rooftop air conditioners are very effective, but also very expensive. They need to be installed professionally, and not all RVs have roofs that can support a rooftop AC without modification. Proper drainage is essential to the maintenance of a rooftop air conditioner.

A portable air conditioning unit is cheaper, and much easier to maintain. You don't have to worry about fit, or about possible safety issues, and portable ACs can be moved and used as you wish. Some people with rooftop air conditioners supplement them with a portable AC. A portable AC will help to make the environment comfortable, even in 100 degree weather.

Avalon-Bay-AB-8k-8000-btu-summerA Recommended Portable AC

Avalon Bay AB8K 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This particular portable air conditioner is three-in-one. It can be used just as a fan, used as an air conditioner, or as a dehumidifier. Old AC units used Freon, which is being phased out because of environment concerns. This air conditioner uses R-410A, which is an environmentally-friendly, next-generation refrigerant. At L: 13.60" x W: 11.75" x H: 31.00", this unit is still under three feet tall and cools 125 square feet. It has a 24 hour timer, a sleep mode, and a controller, all of which allow you to save on energy costs while still making the interior of your RV cool and relaxing whenever you need it to be. It also has easily cleanable filters and three fan speeds. If you're using it to dehumidify, it removes over 28 pints of water from the air per day and has a small drain you can unstop to get rid of the excess moisture.

Check out this infograph for tips on how to maintain your portable AC:Maintenance Tips

Read a full review of the Avalon Bay AB8K 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner here:Review of Avalon Bay AB8K

Also good for: dorms, bedrooms, boats, living rooms

Get Ice Cold Drinks

Another necessity when traveling, or when just hanging out with neighbors or family, is lots of cold drinks. On a hot summer's day, icy cold sodas or bottled waters are a blessing. Beverage coolers can hold quite a lot of beverages, and keep them at positively frigid levels. Do you want an icy beer, or an almost frozen soda? Or perhaps you want to bring along some wine for your trip, or are planning on buying some while away? A beverage cooler can function much faster than most RV refrigerators, which cool via convection currents. Beverage coolers cool drinks more efficiently, leaving more room in refrigerators for food and other essentials.

NewAir-AB-1200-summerA Recommended Beverage Cooler

NewAir AB-1200 126 Can Beverage Refrigerator with Interior LED Light

This beverage cooler can hold 21 six-packs, or up to 126 cans. It has seven temperature settings, and you can set it as low as 34 degrees for those especially hot days. The racks slide out for easier access, and the unit itself is under three feet tall (L: 19.00" x W: 18.25" x H: 33.13"). It doesn't look like a typical mini-fridge; it has sleek lines in black and stainless steel, and see-through glass panels.

Also good for: dorms, man caves, wet bars, offices, garages

A Recommended Wine Cooler

Perhaps you're traveling through wine country and plan on picking up several bottles and want them taken care of on the long ride back.  Wine coolers are different than beverage coolers in that they are specifically made to protect wine. They have different temperature variations, can shield from UV rays, and help against vibrations. Traditional RV refrigerators are not equipped to protect wine, so a wine cooler ensures the safety of those bottles. If you are a collector of wine, a wine cooler is for you. NewAir-AW-181e-summer

NewAir AW-181E Streamlined 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler - Stainless Steel

This wine cooler can hold 18 bottles. It's small enough to fit in a tight space (it's L: 14.00" x W: 19.38" x H: 25.75"), but big enough to hold some bottles to enjoy on your journey. It is eco-friendly, with no ozone-depleting chemicals such as CFCs or HCFCs, and is attractive looking. Best of all, it will protect your wine better than subjecting them to varying temperatures while traveling.

Also good for: wet bars, recreation rooms, boats, kitchens

Always Have Ice

It's a pain to have come to someplace beautiful only to find yourself driving all the way to town for ice. How much is that costing you in ice and gas? How much time could you spend relaxing, fishing, and swimming if you didn't have to make a separate trip for ice? You can have ice on demand with a portable ice maker. Ice takes up space in RV refrigerators, but the speed that an ice maker can produce ice means that you won't have to wait for a fresh batch and your refrigerator can be packed with maximum efficiency.

A Recommended Ice Maker


NewAir AI-100SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker with 28-Pound Daily Capacity

This portable ice maker has a small footprint, and can be set on a counter or table (its dimensions are L: 14.50" x W: 11.75" x H: 15.00"), and can make 28 pounds of ice a day. It has three ice sizes, comes with an ice scoop, and makes a new batch of ice every 15 minutes. Now you don't have to take time out of your day to pick up ice, you can just make it yourself. You control the quality of water, adding in filtered water if you want, and you can make more whenever you need it. This ice maker doesn't need a water or drainage hookup, just plug it into a standard outlet and fill its reservoir with water. You'll have ice in minutes.

Also good for: Picnics, BBQs, potlucks, parties, offices, dorms, boats, wet bars, recreation rooms, kitchen

BBQ in a Snap

RV travelers can use a portable BBQ to cook their meals while staying at campsites or RV parks. Many people love their BBQ; eating outside or cooking up a nice steak with friends and family. It's a fun time with great food. Traveling with coals is a bit tricky though, and it takes a while to heat up even if you're using a traditional propane BBQ. However, there are some new technologies that make things a lot easier, safer, and faster!

A Recommended Portable BBQ

Solaire-sol-ir17b-summer2Solaire SOL-IR17B Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill

This grill comes with a carrying bag that also has room for three one-pound propane bottles. It runs on propane, but with an adapter accessory you can fit it to larger BBQ tanks, and you can also change it to run on natural gas by using a natural gas conversion kit. It is extremely energy efficient, and gets hot fast! The gas heat cooks foods evenly. This portable BBQ uses infrared to heat and cook. Instead of waiting 20 minutes for your BBQ to heat up, you can sear your steaks in just a couple minutes, because an infrared grill can get to its top temperature in 3-5 minutes. You can cook a medium-rare steak in about 5 minutes, because the high heat cuts cooking time in half for meat. This particular grill also has a self-cleaning function as well as hefty handles that don't get hot, making it that much easier to transport.

Also good for: tailgating, picnics, camping, block party, backyard, balcony

Make Your RV Home

You can make your RV just as comfortable as being at home by beating the summer heat, having cold drinks and ice 24/7, and having a quick and portable BBQ. Take the convenience of home with you, while still enjoying the sights of someplace new. Make your RV a refuge, a calm retreat from the world, wherever in the world you may be.

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