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Stay Cool with Port-a-Cool!

There are various cooling systems available on the market nowadays. One of the most popular cooling systems is air conditioners. However, they are not always the most convenient option. This is mainly because air conditioners are complex. The complexity of these devices not only adds to the maintenance cost, but also the cost of operating it.

Air conditioners will provide effective cooling without a doubt, but they also cause a severe spike in your electricity bill. Furthermore, if you end up needing repairs for it, you are in for a hefty bill. The complexities of air conditioners require specialized individuals to work on it. The labor cost alone will set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

Due to this, people are going towards a more convenient option: evaporative coolers. Not only are they cheap to operate, maintenance is a breeze as well. The first and foremost advantage of this product is the simplicity. It is a not laden with complex electrical circuits like air conditioners and other cooling products. This not only gives you sufficient relaxation should you ever need repairs, it also consumes less electricity.

This particular product is known as the Port-a-Cool evaporative cooler. In addition to being cost-effective to maintain and operate, it can cool large areas. Air conditioners and other cooling products have a limited range. They cannot pass on the cooling to a larger area. Moreover, the Port-a-Cool can be operated anywhere.

There are two options for most Port-a-Cool evaporators which enable you to use it anywhere. The best part is that it can provide cooling outdoors as well. Unlike quite a few cooling products on the market, it does not require a closed area to provide cooling relief. If you are interested in buying a cooling product for your warehouse, garage, workshop or even your backyard, Port-a-Cool is the ideal product for you.

Another upside is that there are different grades of this product. You can get a smaller grade evaporative cooler for smaller areas. On the other hand, if you have to cool a large area, you can opt for the higher grade Port-a-Cool evaporative cooler. The largest Port-a-Cool is able to cool areas larger than 3,500 square feet. There are four Port-a-Cool models that are extremely popular. You can select one according to your preference and enjoy a cooler temperature no matter what the weather conditions outside are.

Economical Cooler for Your Home

One of the biggest challenges for any homeowner is locating a cooling device that can cool the home effectively. The warmest areas are the ones outside. Sufficient cooling is hard to attain for the pool area, the patio or your backyard. In the warm days, you may even need cooling for your garage. If you are facing such problems, the Port-a-Cool PAC2KCYC01 Cyclone 3000 Commercial Swamp Cooler is for you. Even though this is a commercial cooler, it will be a perfect fit for the home environment.


One of the main concerns for any homeowner regarding a cooler is safety. Children and pets may get hurt with the large fans. However, this cooler eliminates the safety issue. The front end is completely covered and there are no fans in this model. Since there are no fans, the risk of getting hurt is eliminated. Let's look at the features of the Port-a-Cool Cyclone 3000:

boy skipping yardCools a Large Area

If anything, the Cyclone 3000 guarantees that it will definitely cool any area around the home. This cooler has a range of over 500 square feet. You can be sure that any area where you set up this cooler will be cooled effectively. It can reduce the temperature of the area by up to 20oF. You can set it up near the pool area, in your garage or your backyard. All you need to do is set it up and it will provide significant cooling.

Durable Construction

One of the most common issues with coolers is durability. Since these coolers operate with water, there is a possibility of corrosion. Once there is rust in these coolers, they are bound to fail. However, Port-a-Cool has taken care of this issue in the Cyclone 3000. The entire housing of this cooler is constructed from polyethylene. This makes it rust-proof. To make it even more intriguing, this cooler is also leak proof. There are metal components within the cooler. But these components have been put through special treatment to resist corrosion.

The Port-a-Cool is constructed using simple engineering. There is no doubt simple products are more durable. Should the product ever need repairs, it will be fairly cheap. You won't have to worry about any breakdowns in the first year as you will be covered by Port-a-Cool's warranty.

Quiet Operation

Commercial water coolers are generally operated by a large fan which provides cooling. However, the Cyclone 3000 is built along a different design. Instead of a fan, it has a blower. There are two advantages of this. The first is that this cooler will be safe when it comes to having kids and pets near it. Secondly, this cooler produces less noise. There are also provisions in the Cyclone 3000 that allow you to direct the cool air where you wish. All you need to do is make the necessary adjustments and sit back and enjoy the cool.

Dual Operational Speeds

Another issue with general air coolers on the market is a standard operating speed. There are times when you simply need less cooling. To cater to this consumer need, Port-a-Cool has provided dual operational speed in the Cyclone 3000. If you want to cool an area up to 700 square feet, you can operate it at the highest speed. If you want limited cooling, you can set the cooler at its lowest setting. There is hardly any feature Port-a-Cool has left out in the Cyclone 3000. Even though the Cyclone 3000 is an excellent air cooler, there are times when you just need something bigger. To cater to this need, Port-a-Cool has introduced a range of other evaporative cooling products.

Got A Garage You Need To Cool? Here's the Best Option for You


When it comes to cooling larger areas, small evaporative coolers won't do an effective job. Small coolers only have a range of up to 700 square feet. If it is used in a larger area, it will only cool a fraction of the area ineffectively. To cater to larger areas, Port-a-Cool has an evaporative cooler that has an extended range. It can cool areas that are larger than 2000 square feet.

Using it at home might not be the ideal option. But it is an excellent option for a commercial garage or a small warehouse. This product is the Port-A-Cool PAC2K36HPVS Portable Evaporative Swamp Cooler with 36-Inch Propeller. Without a doubt, this evaporative cooler is a beast. Let's look at some of the features it offers:

Dual Operation Modes

Evaporative coolers require a continuous water supply to keep an area cool. This is something that is inconvenient as most water coolers need to be hooked up to a water hose. They cannot be used in areas where there is no water supply. But the Swamp Cooler does not face this issue. If you have a water supply near the cooler, you can hook it up to the hose.

It will provide uninterrupted cooling for an extensive amount of time. But if the water supply is far from where the cooler needs to be used, Port-a-Cool has provided a water tank with the cooler. This water tank can hold more than 30 gallons of water. Fill the tank with water and place it wherever you wish for a great cooling experience.

Easy To Move Around

The swamp cooler can be a challenge to move around, especially when the water tank is full. However, Port-a-Cool has thought of this issue beforehand. To make moving the cooler around easy, there are wheels at the base. You do not need to pick it up. Simply roll it along wherever you wish. The wheels make transporting the cooler a breeze.


The construction of the water cooler is sturdy. It is constructed from non-corrosive materials. The main issue with water coolers is that the internal components start rusting. However, the Port-a-Cool Swamp cooler port-a-cool-pac2k36hpvseliminates this issue by using anti-rust treated parts.

Powerful Cooling

To provide a greater cooling range, the Port-a-Cool Swamp cooler provides a power of up to 10,100 CFM. With this much power, you can easily cool an area which is more than 2000 square feet. The extensive cooling power ensures that the cooling effect is extended to the furthest area effectively. You can reduce the speed to suit your needs.

Environmentally Friendly

Air conditioners emit harmful chemicals when operating. Moreover, they consume a lot of electricity. Therefore, it is safe to say that they are damaging to the environment. However, evaporative coolers are extremely safe for the environment. The chief electrical component in this cooler is a fan and the cooling effect is provided by water. This is why there are no harmful emissions. On the other hand, since there are not many electrical components in this, it consumes less electricity.

Cool Outdoor Areas at an Affordable Cost

Cooling outdoor areas, especially ones that are quite large is a challenge. There are many things one has to deal with. Firstly, there aren't many cooling systems that can cool an open area. Secondly, the range is limited. They may heat a fraction of the area, but the rest will remain at regular temperature. This is why Port-a-Cool has introduced an evaporative cooler specifically for outdoor use. The best thing is that it has a water reservoir to use wherever you wish. Let's look at the specifics of the Port-A-Cool PAC2K361S Portable Evaporative Cooler with 1/2 HP Motor:

Extended Fan Blades for Maximum Cooling

Regular evaporator coolers have smaller fan blades. Moreover, there are only three blades in the fan. However, the Port-A-Cool PAC2K361S is completely different. Firstly, the fan blades in this evaporator cooler are 30 inches in diameter. They are larger than most evaporator coolers in the market. In addition, there are four blades in the fan. The larger diameter of the fan and the additional blade provide a greater range and efficiency. The larger area an evaporator cooler covers the better. The chief aim of the large fans is to get coverage to the furthest corner of the area. This water cooler quite effectively achieves that goal.

Easy To Store

Storing this water cooler is extremely easy. The water cooler is not too big. It can be stored almost anywhere. The problem arises when one has to deal with a wire mess. However, Port-A-Cool has already thought of this problem and tackled it well in advance. There is a wire hook towards the side of this swamp cooler. This allows one to neatly wrap the wire around the hook. This way you can easily wrap up the wire and store the cooler anywhere.

Easy To Transport

Another challenge that most water coolers face is transporting them. Swamp coolers are typically large and heavy. They are a pain to transport from one place to another. However, Port-A-Cool's PAC2K361S solves this issue as well. Firstly, the evaporator cooler is constructed from a light weight anti-corrosive material. This makes it quite light and easy to lift. Furthermore, it is equipped with wheels at its base. So, if you are not in the mood of carrying it from one end to another, simply roll it along.

Extended Cooling Range

The best feature of this evaporative cooler by Port-A-Cool is its motor. All standard evaporative coolers have a regular motor. However, the Port-A-CoolPAC2K361S has one of the most powerful motors you will find. This particular cooler is equipped with a half horsepower motor. It is safe to say that the Port-A-CoolPAC2K361S is the McLaren of evaporative coolers. If you have an unreasonably large area to cool and the specs of the Port-A-Cool PAC2K361S won't get the job done, you should look towards other products by Port-A-Cool.

An Excellent Cooler for Significantly Large Areas

Not many cooling systems can cool an area of over 3000 square feet. Even if they can, they are not environmentally friendly. They will also consume a lot of power. However, Port-A-Cool takes pride in offering inexpensive and environmentally friendly solutions for this. This company has just the device that will blow you away. Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S Portable Evaporative Cooler with 2 Fan Speeds is the Big Foot of evaporative coolers.port-a-cool-pac2k482s-2012-l

Large Fans and Powerful Motor

If you want an evaporating fan to cool a large area then you should consider the Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S. It has a large fan which is 48 inches in diameter. To give it more power, the evaporative cooler is equipped with a powerful motor. These qualities make the Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S unique.

Larger Cooling Area

The Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S can cool an area of up to 4000 square feet. This is more than most commercial evaporative coolers that the market offers. This is why you can be sure that the cooler will provide ample cooling even over a large area. You can even adjust the water valves and easily adjust the amount of water sprayed into the air.

Adjustable Fan Speed

Most people would assume that the Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S is built for large areas only. In fact, the Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S is ideal for small or large areas depending on the task at hand. If you want to cool a smaller area, simply adjust the fan speed to a lower level. You can go all in and unleash 11,000 CFMs if you want to cool a large area.

Larger Water Tank

The water tank of the Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S is larger than others. Most evaporative cooler tanks hold a maximum of 32 gallons of water. However, the Port-A-Cool PAC2K482S holds 40 gallons of water. There is a provision for a continuous water supply. Simply attach a water hose to it and you're done.

If you want to get an evaporative cooler for yourself, you should consider your exact use. Some coolers are ideal for home and commercial use, while others aren't. Be sure to do your research to pick the best one for you.

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