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7 Kinds of People the Dimplex LC and LPC Baseboard Heaters Are Right For

lpc-thermo-300Before making a purchase, you need to determine which linear convector baseboard heater is best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Both of Dimplex's baseboard heaters -- the Linear Convector (LC) and the Linear Proportional Convector (LPC) -- are quiet, safe, efficient and economical.

They are small and can easily fit into any room, which allows for flexibility in decorating and furniture placement.

The LC and LPC use convection technology to produce heat quickly and efficiently.

This means that the heater takes the colder heavier air surrounding the unit, heats it to within 0.5°C/1°F of your desired temperature and sends it through a top vent where the lighter heated air quickly rises up the wall to the ceiling and spreads to the center of the room.

Energy savings

Both baseboard heaters are 100% energy efficient.

  • Because of its smaller footprint, the Linear Convector reduces heat loss through the wall by 10%, and when used with an electronic wall thermostat, there is slightly more than a 10% energy savings overall.
  • The LPC convector series, compared to the older Dimplex baseboard heaters with mechanical thermostats, offers significant energy savings. In third-party controlled testing it was determined that the Linear Proportional Convector provided up to 33% more energy savings.

Quiet and safe

Dimplex Linear Convector baseboards provide a safe, clean, quiet operation, without the on/off ticking. Convectors do not have movable parts, which eliminates that annoying operational buzzing noise, so noticeable in traditional baseboard heaters.

There are two key differences between the Linear Convector and the Linear Proportional Convector baseboards to be considered when determining which unit would work best for your specific heating requirements.

  1. The LPC has a built-in thermostat
  2. The LPC features CONNEX™ wireless technology that provides single- and multi-zone heating and can be programmed for up to 7 days and 4 events.

The Linear Proportional Convector's built-in electronic thermostat communicates with a single- or multi-zone CONNEX™ controller, which is the best option for achieving maximum energy savings.

The controller gives you the option to reduce temperature in low-occupancy/low-activity areas. It also gives you the option to program a lower heat level for overnight, or when your home is empty during work and school hours.

Zone heating

Single- and multi-zone capability allows you to portion your home into specific heating zones.

This means that specific rooms and spaces may be programmed to a variety of temperatures at the same time. When a house is portioned into zones, the controller can easily set temperatures in each zone.

Multi-Zone heating

Dimplex multi-zone programmable CONNEX™ controllers allow the scheduling of heaters in up to four zones for maximum comfort and efficiency.

  • This allows the users to program according to their particular needs and lifestyles
  • Micro-zone heating, which provides individual temperature control in rooms and other spaces, adds to the comfort of whole home heating and efficiently takes care of the "cold spots."

Choosing the Right Heater

Good for:

1. Empty nesters

With the family raised and the kids off on their own, many people opt for downsizing their living quarters.

When moving from a large home to a smaller condo or apartment, you do not need the same heating capacity that your larger home demanded.

An LC series heater offers just the right heating solution for you. The LC's small size allows you to tuck it in to a recessed wall or under a cabinet, giving you more space, while the wide range of wattage choices allows you to choose the unit that will work best with your electric requirements.

2. Vacation home owners

Your home away from home may not need heating during the hot summer days, but for cool mornings you might need a comfortable temperature to get your day started.

This is especially the case in northern climates, where overnight and early morning temperatures can drop drastically.

Also, winter getaways would benefit from an LC series heater. You do not need the programming capabilities of the LPC series heaters, which are more suitable for larger heating areas that require a higher degree of heating capabilities.

3. Crafters and freelancers

LC series heaters are the perfect heating solutions for a den, workroom or a craft room, which are oftentimes set apart from the general living areas of a home.

These rooms are usually smaller and do not need the strength of a heater with powerful whole home heating capabilities.

4. College students

Dorm rooms can become chilly during the winter months, and it is not uncommon that the central heating systems provided by the college or university do not take the chill out of the air.

Compact dorm rooms heat up quickly and comfortably with LC series heaters that can fit into a small dorm room without cramping the style of the student.

A wall thermostat gives the student the ability to set the heat to the temperature just right for their needs. With an LC heater they can count on:

  • A lower temperature for sleeping
  • A higher temperature to take the chill off of early morning air
  • A comfortable heat setting that makes for better studying conditions
  • The flexibility to set the heat higher well into the night for studying long hours for the big test, or finishing up a project

Linear Proportional Convectors

Good for:

1. Singles

Busy professionals who live alone and are gone during workdays can definitely benefit from LPC heating in a big way.

  • The Linear Proportional Convector's built-in thermostat and CONNEX™ controller allow single persons to economically and efficiently heat their homes when and where it is needed most.
  • With the capability of programming the temperature for 7 days, during work hours the temperature can be set to a reasonable, lower level.
  • On weekend days, naturally, the heater can be set to a higher, more comfortable, temperature.
  • The CONNEX™ wireless controller also allows for the heater to be programmed to kick in when the single persons are on their way home from a long day of work.
  • Coming home to a warm house or apartment on a cold day is one of life's greatest comforts???in this case made possible by the LPC!

2. Couples with active lifestyles

On-the-go working couples without children will find the LPC series heaters the best option for their active lifestyles.

Rooms left empty during the day, or less-used rooms such as a dining room, do not need the same amount of heating as do the rooms used more frequently such as the living room and bedrooms.

However, these rooms require different heating settings for different times of the day. That is where the advantage of event programming comes into play.

LPCs with temperature setting programming provided by CONNEX™ controllers allow up to 4 event settings -- awake, away, home and sleep.

3. Families with active lives

whole-home-500With the wireless CONNEX™ controller you can set when, where, and to what temperature the heaters begin their work. For example:

  • Have the heater warm the house to a comfortable temperature just in time for the end of a school day. The kids come home to a warm and inviting home where they can work on their homework or entertain their friends.
  • Program the master bedroom to a comfortable sleeping temperature just before retiring for the night or for reading time.
  • Program the kids' bedrooms to a comfy temperature at an earlier time.
  • Program your home office or den temperatures for the times that you use the room.
  • The more people using a space dictate how high the temperature is set. So for the rooms with the most activity and occupancy, you can program a lower heat level.

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