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Are You Paying More Than You Should for Portable Air Cooler Features?

money-on-fire-328This is one of the most frequently asked questions, which is on the mind of consumers.

The features of portable air conditioners are very impressive, with newer additions being made every minute. Let us look at the different features you can obtain when purchasing portable air conditioners.

Previously air conditioners used to have only one feature, the on/off button. These days, as technological advancements have taken place, newer models of air conditioners consist of much more advanced features.

Now you can choose from multiple operational modes, all of which offer different features and advantages. While these modes are explained in detail, in the user manuals that come with air conditioners, you should know about the various features before you purchase them.

Cool Mode

This type of mode is the default mode, which sets the air conditioner to run at the regular temperature settings and fan speed. This mode has the potential to save a lot of electricity, thereby, having the chance to minimize the costs of electricity bills. However, the extent to which you save is entirely dependent upon the level at which the temperature is kept. Ideally, the temperature at which you can receive enough cooling for thermal comfort, while remaining cost effective is 77°F. Having the temperature set at this level is greatly effective in saving considerable money.

Fan Mode

fan symbolIn this mode, compressor is switched off while the fan keeps on running smoothly. This is one of the most effective methods of conserving energy and reducing the resulting costs from air conditioner usage, because the compressor isn't on. Compressor consumes the highest amount of energy, making it the most expensive component of the air conditioner. However, switching on fan mode air conditioner means that there will be no cooling provided by your portable air conditioner.

Dry Mode

Certain times in the year, the humidity level reaches an all time high, which makes life extremely uncomfortable. This kind of thing especially occurs in areas that are in close proximity to the sea. Along with this, the humidity level may also rise during monsoons. When this happens, simply removing the humidity from the room can make a significant difference. This is where dry mode comes into play, it helps you remove the extra humidity from your home.

The process works in the following way, the fan runs at a very slow speed, with the compressor switching on and off in duration of short cycles, whereby, it helps in reducing the extra humidity. This option is a good way to reduce the costs associated with the electricity bill, particularly during those days in which there is exceptionally high humidity.

You must be wondering why this is. It is simple, the fan runs at slow speed, and the compressor only switches on for a short period in continuous cycles. The air conditioner does not provide a cooling effect as not much cool air is blown from it. It is only used to absorb the moisture from the air and dry it, instead of a cooling effect.

One, very important thing you must understand is that this mode is not used as a dehumidifier, instead, its only purpose is to make the room comfortable and humidity free.

Sleep Mode

SleepIn the sleep mode, the thermostat's temperature is increased by 10 every hour until the point the temperature starts increasing by 20. If you like to remain at low temperatures, and actually enjoy it, then this mode is perfect for you. It even helps in saving electricity, which is quite beneficial, particularly if you are on a tight budget.

You must be thinking how it can save electricity if the temperature keeps on rising. The answer to this question is simple, with every degree that increases, energy is saved. However, in cases where the thermal comfort is your only priority, then it is better to make use of the cool mode or power saving mode, instead of the sleep mode.

Power Saving Mode

Under the cool mode, the compressor shuts down once the room has reached a temperature as set in the thermostat. However, the fan keeps on running, until the temperature of the room rises and the compressor starts again. The power saving mode uses its feature to switch off the fan as well once the temperature of the room has reached the temperature set in the thermostat. This is quite effective in saving electricity, thus saving the money spent on high bills. Here is how it helps save electricity, and thereby, money:

  • First thing it does is switch off the fan, which helps in conserving electricity, which would otherwise, have been consumed through the operating fan.
  • Another great thing about this mode is that the fan does not switches on again until the compressor has turned on, which can take a couple of minutes. As the compressor notices the rise in temperature, the time spent between each compressor cycle increases. This helps in saving electricity, making it a cost effective way to utilize the air conditioner.

Are you wondering whether this mode decreases the comfort level of the people in the room? The answer is no, especially if the room is kept well insulated. However, sometimes the temperature increases slightly. If you do have no issue with it, then utilizing this mode will be exceptionally cost effective.

Although, you should remember that the fan switches on and off constantly, which might result in continuous noise, every time it switches on. If you get easily disturbed by even the slightest of noises while you sleep, then it's better not to use this mode.

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Quick Cool Mode

Quick cool mode, as the name suggests, cools your home quickly, by consuming greater watts of energy.For those people who want to save a lot of money, this mode is not for you. However, if you want convenience and increased comfort, then use this mode to quickly, cool down the high temperature of your room.

As mentioned previously, the ideal temperature for any kind of air conditioner is 77°F, but in this mode, the starting temperatures are at 64 or 60°F. Supposing that the temperature of the room is more than 86°F, and then it will take the same amount of time for it to reach 77°F in the cool mode as in the quick cool mode.

Quick cool mode often uses higher speed of the fan to reduce the temperature to the desired level. Sometimes, extra electricity may be utilized to lower the temperature of the room, which will shoot the electricity bill by a marginally high amount.

Nature Mode

woman-enjoying-breeze-300Occasionally you will find an AC with this mode. Nature mode tries to mimic the ebbs and flows of wind and the weather. The fan alternates almost randomly between speeds at seemingly random intervals to allow you to feel like you're in nature, at the mercy of the elements. It is not much different than fan mode, except for the sporadic qualities of the way it changes fan speeds.

Auto Mode

In the auto mode, the air conditioner runs on fan and compressor both, until it reaches the temperature as set in the thermostat. The air is moved only at those times when the cooling part of the air conditioner is switched on. Once the thermostat detects the room or house has reached the desired temperature, it automatically shuts the system off, i.e. both the cooling as well as the fan. Make sure that the fan is not set in the "on" mode, otherwise, it will consume electricity, which will be needless, as the room would be cool enough by then. This will lead to needless increases in the electricity bills, which should be avoided.

Another benefit is using the auto mode is that it prevents air getting leaked into the house, especially if there are leaky ducts outside. You might end up with too much air being leaked into the house, or too much air being sent out, which will be set off by the auto mode. It will help make your house seem less comfortable in case of a leakage.

Make sure that you get your air conditioner checked by a professional, particularly in case of a leakage.

air-flow-symbol-85Another great feature to have is to make sure that your air conditioner comes with an in-built feature that allows the filter to be cleaned. It is a great asset, especially since it is designed to ensure that the air conditioner's filter remains clean, so that you receive cooler air. It also ensures that the flow of cold air is smooth, whereby, the thermostat detects the room's temperature properly, ensuring that the air portable air conditioner works optimally.

Ion Mode

 Ion mode works to purify the air by charging it with negative ions. This settles dust in your home, thereby allowing you to breath easier as it reduces allergens. Due to the fact that bacterial particles are easily spread around by dust, air conditioners with ionizers also cleans the air in a way that reduces your chances of getting sick. However, while there is some speculation that ion mode does not really work, it still remains a feature on portable ACs.

6th Sense Mode

The 6th sense mode is quite an interesting feature of portable air conditioners. It has the ability to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to high medium or low, depending on the temperature of the room. This smart feature allows the air conditioner to save a lot of electricity by running the fan only when it deduces that the temperature of the room is high enough.

Which Features are Best for You?

Every time you go to buy a portable air conditioner for yourself, find out the different features it offers and then determine whether you need them all or not. To find which make and model suits you and your requirements the best, compare it with its competitors, and find out the air conditioner which offers the highest value for your hard-earned money.

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