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MovinCool Could Save Your Office

Cooling your office during summer can be both difficult and expensive. The rising costs of electricity mean you have to spend more money on central air conditioning, especially, if it has to be kept running throughout the day. It is because of these costs that some businesses are apprehensive about investing in appliances that help cool the office. Not to mention the fact that air conditioning units also become more expensive once summer comes along. The rising demand means the prices go up. If you have to install a new unit, it could dent your budget.

Yet, you cannot ignore the fact that excessive heat can be a problem, particularly when summer reaches its peak. Once the temperature inside the office rises, employees find it difficult to work efficiently. Their attention is diverted by the heat. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that most of their mental energy is expended thinking about ways to stay cool. This is where a MovinCool can come in handy. MovinCool makes top of the line portable air conditioners that are affordable, portable and most importantly, provide the desired level of cooling. You don't have to break a sweat or the bank to cool your office!

This article will feature some of the best air conditioners for the office you can consider purchasing. The product comparison will help you decide which one to opt for. You can rely on the brief review of each portable AC at the end to make your decision.

Impact on Employee Performance

The first reason you should consider purchasing a portable AC for your office is to ensure employee performance remains up to the mark. As mentioned above, working in the heat can be difficult for employees. You cannot criticize them for being underproductive when heat reaches its apex. Don't forget that the rise in temperature can also make employees feel drowsy and tired all the time. Also, it is likely that employees might be dehydrated because of the heat.

Productivity is directly related to efficiency. So, when productivity goes down, so will efficiency. It will take them longer to complete the work assigned to them. To bring their productivity up to the mark, it is imperative that the ambience and environment within the office be cool and comfortable for your employees. Then you can hold them accountable if they continue to under-perform or their productivity doesn't come improve.

Impact on Creativity

Employee creativity also gets affected when they are not working in a comfortable environment. This can be particularly damaging if the job entails that they use their creative side to deliver results. That doesn't mean that staid jobs like accounting don't require the use of creativity. Regardless of the type of work you do, your employees' creativity will be impacted by the heat. It can be difficult for them to come up with new ideas or follow best practices to do their work. The reasons for this are the same as that for the drop in productivity.

Protecting Your Investment

Installing a portable air conditioner will also enable you to protect your investment. For instance, appliances and equipment used in the office can be affected because of the heat. This is particularly true for computers. You don't want your computers malfunctioning or breaking down just because of the heat. You can protect existing appliances by ensuring that they operate in a cool environment.

The problem can be potentially devastating if the main server breaks down. You don't want your office's operations to come to a standstill just because it is hot outside, do you? Then there is also the risk of data loss and other issues with networking. Businesses have lost millions of dollars worth of data just because their system collapsed. This is something that becomes even more important when the heat is at its peak and the temperature inside the office is also rising. Spend a few thousand dollars on a portable AC to avoid a loss that can cost you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Avoid the Risk of Central AC Failure

A central air conditioning system is an effective means of cooling your office during the summer. However, apart from the heavy cost you have to bear, there is the risk of the unit breaking down or failing when the heat gets too much to bear. It is ironic that a central AC can break down because of heating up, when its main purpose is to cool the office. This is one risk you can avoid by going for a portable AC.

In case your existing air conditioning system has broken down and you are considering replacing it, there is no need to bear the cost of a new system altogether. You could end up spending several thousand dollars. This is not feasible when all you need to do is cool some areas in the office. A portable AC works just as well. Moreover, it doesn't cost even half as much. The running costs of a portable AC are also considerably lower than those of a central air conditioning system. Unless you absolutely have to cool each and every square foot of the office space, you can make a difference in temperature and office conditions with a portable AC.

Types of Offices You Can Use MovinCool In

The great thing about MovinCool portable air conditioners is that they can be used in almost any type of office environment. In fact, you can use them outdoors as well, which is a testament to their portability. However for best results, portable ACs should be used in closed offices. If you have a laboratory or an office floor, the portable AC can be installed on the roof to enhance its cooling to cover a larger area. You can control it easily using a remote control.

You can even have MovinCool ACs installed in technology rooms at the workplace. They will help keep the equipment there cool, which is important for optimum performance and efficiency. Moreover, it also prevents the risk of overheating and enhances the useful life of the equipment being used. The versatility of portable ACs is a great feature you can benefit from.

There are numerous features of MovinCool ACs which make them the best to use in an office environment, including:

  • Portability is a great feature of MovinCool ACs. When you get a wheel kit for them, you can easily move them around the office. If you want to keep them installed in one place, simply remove the wheel kit or wagon kit and use the stand to hold it in place.
  • Portable ACs come with dual fan speeds. In case it gets too cold in the office, you can switch to the 'low' setting and reduce the cooling level.
  • Installation is extremely simple. It won't take several hours to complete, which is the case with central air conditioning units.
  • MovinCool has a range of portable air conditioning units for use in the office. The cooling power of the AC can be as high as 60,000 BTU, which is perfect for any closed environment.
  • Portable air conditioning units provide backup cooling. This makes them ideal to use in rooms where you keep your equipment and machines. The cooler temperature will keep machines at optimum temperature, minimizing the risk of overheating and malfunctioning.

These are just some of the features that make MovinCool portable ACs a great choice for your office. You can see how it can really save your office, especially when the intensity of heat increases.

The Best MovinCool Products for Offices

There are a range of MovinCool products you can get for your office. The best of the lot are:


MovinCool OfficePro60

The MovinCool Office Pro60 is your best choice if you want to cool some specific hot spots in the workplace. This is best used in rooms where you keep your equipment that is at risk of overheating. The unit doesn't even need to be installed. You simply bring it into the room you want to cool, vent with the hose, plug it in and turn it on. That is all. Once you turn the portable AC on, be prepared to be hit with a blast of cool air with a cooling power of 60,000 BTU. What could be better?

MovinCool CM12

The MovinCool CM12 is among the best portable ACs you can buy for a small room in your home. It produces a cooling power of up to 10,500 BTU. If the floor space in a room is limited, you can easily accommodate the MovinCool CM12 there. It is around 15.5" tall and can fit perfectly in tight spaces. If you don't want to keep it on the floor, you can have it installed on the ceiling. It will function just as effectively from the top.

MovinCoolClassic40 save your office

MovinCool Classic40

The MovinCool Classic40 is designed to cool large spaces, like factories and warehouses. This means that it is powerful enough to cool an office with a larger floor space as compared to the other options listed here. It produces a cooling power of 39,000 BTU. The best feature of this machine is that it has an automatic shut-off system built in. It will turn off by itself once the desired temperature has been reached. This enables you to keep energy costs low. If you want to maintain a particular temperature range in a large room, MovinCool Classic40 is your best choice.

MovinCool ClassicPlus26

The MovinCool Classic Plus26 is a modern marvel. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors. This portable AC will only cool areas that need to be cooled. Like other MovinCool products, you can operate this without having to bear high power costs. It produces 24,000 BTU of cooling power and comes equipped with a digital display. You can check the readings and the thermostat using the digital display. You can even program the AC to turn on and off by itself. If there is a loss of power, the AC will restart automatically as soon as the power comes back on.


So, you can choose from among the MovinCool portable ACs described here. Make a decision based on the needs of your business and office. Whichever one you buy, you can rest assured, it will provide the desired level of cooling. In other words, MovinCool products absolutely provide the value you expect.


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