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How You Can Benefit from a Portable Micathermic Panel Heater This Winter

micathermic-prod-launchMicathermic heaters are gaining immense popularity due to the convenience they offer and the reliable heat they provide.

The best part about these heaters is they are compact and consume less energy. If you want a reliable heater which keeps the ambiance comfortable, consider a Micathermic heater.

Let's look at how you can benefit from a portable Micathermic panel heater this winter:

If you want a portable heater, Micathermic heaters are your best bet.

Most heaters are too large and heavy to carry around. The compact frame allows you to carry the heater almost anywhere. All you need is a power socket and you are good to go.

If you want to carry a Micathermic heater safely, retain the original packaging. This will also help you if you need to store your heater during the summer. The original packaging is designed to keep it safe from damage while being carried or in storage.

Micathermic heaters are a good choice for the elderly and anyone else who is least likely to want to, or to be able to do heavy lifting.

Almost all heaters nowadays are quite energy efficient, but Micathermic heaters are better. There are many reasons for this.

Before looking into the reasons why Micathermic heaters are more energy efficient than other heaters, you will need to understand how other heaters work.

  • Other types of heaters have elements which heat up and then a blower transmits energy to the room.
  • Some types of heaters transmit heat directly from the element to the room but heat up other items in the room.
  • Even though these heaters are quite popular, they are not efficient. This is because they take a long time to warm up the room.
  • If a heater is working longer, it will consume more electricity.
  • Moreover, these heaters have to work hard to maintain a steady temperature inside the room.

Micathermic heaters, on the other hand, provide quick cooling since they use electromagnetic rays.

Since the heater has to work for a shorter time, it consumes less energy. Micathermic heaters do not have to work hard to maintain a steady temperature within the room. This is another aspect which makes them energy efficient.

The best part about Micathermic heaters is that the heating element inside is not large. The only purpose of the heating element is to provide heat to the mica stone.

Convection heaters are quite easy to use and provide good heating in insulated rooms. But the one potential downside is the fan blower. The heat in standard convection heaters needs to be transmitted by a blower. If you use this heater at night, you will hear some noise coming from it.

If you consider Micathermic heaters, you will realize they are by far the most silent heaters on the market. The only "working components" in these heaters are the element and the mica stone.

Even these components remain still while the heater is operational. Since there are not many moving components in Micathermic heaters, they provide heating in an exceptionally quiet manner. This makes these heaters ideal for homes with children.

The typical heaters people commonly use in their homes are bulky. Not only are these heaters large, they are heavy as well. This makes them rather inconvenient.

These heaters take up a lot of space and you usually have to move a lot of things just to accommodate a single heater. Even then you have to worry about relocating it once winter ends. This is because the heaters are so large you cannot just let them take up valuable space in a room.

Another issue is moving them from one place to another if you need heating in another room. This is where Micathermic heaters are the best thing you can get for your home.

  • Micathermic heaters do not have a complex infrastructure.
  • The only working components of a mica heater are the mica stone and a small heating element.
  • The element heats the stone and the stone uses electromagnetic rays to heat the room.
  • Since there are not many components in this heater, it can be built into a compact frame.
  • Not only is the frame smaller, it is lighter as well.
  • Models like the NewAir AH-470 Flat Panel Micathermic Space Heater are ultra slim and can be placed virtually anywhere.

newair-ah-470-200The best part about Micathermic heaters is that they come in wall-mounted models as well. If you want to move it from one room to another you can order a couple of mounting brackets and attach one to each room. You will then be able to move it from one room to another easily.

Plus, the fact that they do not get too hot makes them safe to mount to walls.

Of course, if you do not like putting heaters away during the warm months, this type of heater is perfect for you. It can be mounted on the wall or simply tucked behind the couch for use next year. They are so small you will hardly notice their presence in the room.

When using convection heaters, the biggest problem you face is that dust in the room gets stirred up.

However, this is not the only issue.

  • In addition to the dust being stirred up, you will also have to deal with dry air.
  • Convection heaters drive the moisture out of the air in the room.
  • This makes the air uncomfortable to breathe.
  • Micathermic heaters are the solution to both these issues.

Since Micathermic heaters do not have a blower, there is no way they can stir up the dust particles.

In addition, you will not have to worry about the moisture in the air. Micathermic heaters provide heat to the room but in a manner that the air retains some moisture. This is where the benefits of the radiative heating aspects of the heater come into play. Due to the unique heating method Micathermic heaters use, the air in the room remains breathable.

One aspect of Micathermic heaters most people do not realize is that they are available in a variety of designs.

The compact, non-moving working components of this heater allow it to be constructed in various designs.

If you want a uniquely designed heater for your home, you can definitely find a Micathermic heater design which complements the decor.

Micathermic heaters are available in designs that do not even look like heaters. If you want a heater which blends in with the current setting of your home, you will definitely find some of the like.

The main issue with radiant and convective heaters is that they are not able to heat large areas.

  • If you want a radiant heater to provide heat for a large area, that would be next to impossible. Not only will you need topnotch insulation to make it possible, but the room will have to be crammed with items for the heater to warm up because radiative heaters only heat up the objects and people in a room.
  • Convective heaters can heat larger areas, but as the heating capacity increases, the unit becomes larger. This is because for a unit to be able to provide more heating, you need a larger element and a larger blower.
  • Of course, there are times when you may not have space for a large heater, but need a higher heating capacity. This is where Micathermic heaters come in. They use a combination of convective and radiant heat to become an efficient unit that uses the best qualities of both types of heaters.

Most Micathermic heaters are able to heat an area as large as 200 sq. meters.

Considering the size of these heaters, the heating capacity is substantial. You will not have to worry about getting a large unit for a large area. The best part is this heater provides uniform heating across the furthest corner of the room.

This is one of the problems you may face with regular heaters. They provide excellent heating around the area where the heater is placed. But you will find it hard to relay the heat to other corners of the room.

Since Micathermic heaters use electromagnetic rays to provide heat, the entire room will be heated evenly. In fact, the rays heat up the furthest corner of the room first. The warm air then pushes the cool air towards the end where the heater is placed.

With convection and radiant heaters, there is always a risk of some kind of heating hazard.

These heaters are quite popular, but they can cause a fire if used without the necessary precautions.

blue-sofa-room-mica-300For instance, if a convection heater is not placed a safe distance away from drapery and furniture, there would be something to worry about.

The element of radiant heaters in particular heats up to extremely high temperatures and most heaters do not even offer a cover or protection. Regardless of the type of heater you choose, you will need to keep it away from upholstered furniture and drapes.

  • Micathermic heaters have a great safety rating.
  • The thing that appeals to most is you do not have to keep it away from kids and pets.
  • Micathermic heaters are also safe for use around upholstered furniture and drapes.
  • The best part is that this heater has innovative safety features which turn the unit off in the event there is an overheating issue or if it accidentally tips over.
  • A lot of units also come with a safety tip-over switch and automatic shut-off if it gets too hot.

Most portable heaters nowadays do not require any installation at all. However, they can be quite large. Micathermic heaters also do not require any installation. All you need to do is place the heater at a convenient location in your home or workplace and turn it on. The only installation that may be required is wall mounting, which is only needed for wall mounting units. This installation is so easy you can perform it with basic tools. In addition to this, you can be done with the installation within minutes.

Now that you know about the benefits that a Micathermic heater can offer, you should consider getting one for your home this winter.

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