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How to Set Your Portable Air Conditioner Timer without Hassle

thermostat-timer-orange-wall-300Air conditioners have made lives much easier, providing cooler air in hot weathers, the ultimate convenience anyone could ask for.

Most people however, do not use their air conditioners optimally, disregarding the number of settings and features they offer, and only paying attention to the on/ off switch.

This is a big mistake; for using these settings smartly, can result in efficient utilization of energy thereby, lowering the electricity bills significantly.

Auto, fan speed, and timer help in utilizing the air conditioner in an efficient manner, and ensuring that it keeps running optimally. Go and check the settings on your air conditioner, then familiarize yourself with them.

These can be exceptionally useful, particularly the timer setting, which allows you to set the air conditioner to operate when you want it to. This means you need not waste any time fumbling with the on/off switch every time you come home, you can use the timer settings and the air conditioner will switch on automatically, when it is time.

How to use Air Conditioner Settings Optimally

Most people do not make use of all the features and benefits their portable air conditioners offer.

However, by adjusting the settings of the air conditioner, you can easily set the cooling at the level at which you are most comfortable.

Let us look at how you can make the most of your portable air conditioners timer settings:

When you have had a tiring day at work, and the sun shines scorchingly bright, it always feels wonderful to come home to a well air conditioned home.

You must be thinking that leaving the air conditioner on for the whole day will lead to immense electricity bills. But with the timer settings, this is no longer the case. You can adjust the timer settings, so that the air conditioner switches on just before you reach home from work.

  • Simply find the timer or hour button over the air conditioner and set it for the number of hours or time you wish to pass before it automatically switches on and starts cooling your home.
  • You can set the timer for any number of hours, supposing that you normally work 9-10 hours in a day and get home by six on the evening, then simply set your timer in a way, so that it switches on just before six.

Adjusting the Temperature

Another great feature is to raise the temperature by five or six units, so that your room stays cool and ensure that your air conditioning unit continues working smoothly.

Timers can be exceptionally beneficial, especially if you have guests coming over. You can always set the timers to ensure that they do not come home to a swelteringly hot place, instead a cool and comfortable one.

Hassles of Portable Air Conditioner Timers

The only drawback of timers is that these are a bit counter-intuitive.

business-men-go-to-work-300For example:

  • If you want your air conditioner to turn on while you're away at work, the unit must be off before you can time it to turn on at a certain hour while you're away at work.
  • You won't be able to set the timer for the AC to turn on while it is already on, and you cant then turn the AC off and expect the timer to still be set to turn the unit on again.
  • Likewise, if you want to set your timer to turn your air conditioner off, it must first be on.
  • The downside is that you cannot set the timer to turn off for most of your work day, and then have it turn on again a few hours before you get home. This means you can't leave your AC on as you walk out the door and expect it to turn off to save power, then turn on to greet you with a cool home.

Pros of Portable Air Conditioner Timers

The major benefit of this setting is that you can set the air conditioner to turn on when you want. All that needs to be done is for you to adjust the settings before you leave home for the day. Following are the steps you should take to ensure the timer is set for the correct hour.

  1. You can buy an air conditioner timer from many different alternatives, which are quite inexpensive; we will be discussing the various types later on in the article. Regular timers may not work well or be durable to work with your air conditioner, so make sure to choose a timer that works well with air conditioners.
  2. You can also select and purchase a portable air conditioner with an in-built thermostat timer.
  3. Then set the timer in such a way that it switches the air conditioner off when you leave for work, and switches it on, around the time when you normally get home, though this is not a feature on all units This helps you in saving quite a significant amount on your electricity bills.
  4. Make sure to adjust the timer if you stay home on weekends. You will come across many kinds of timers; some are actually designed for everyday of the week, so you can set the timer for the entire week, making it easy to adjust the schedule for weekends.

You can purchase timers in any hardware store; they can help you save money, and makes it easy to set the time when your portable air conditioner turns on and off.

If you spend time at your home, then make sure that you switch the timer off, so that you can adjust the air conditioner as required.

This cost effective feature makes thermostat timers one of the most convenient features of portable air conditioners.

Types of Timers for Portable Air Conditioners

Appliance Timers can be bought in different sizes, and their prices differ according to the costs. These timers range from simple plug ins to advanced digital timers, which provide ultimate convenience.

Depending on the type of timer you buy, you can control the time and duration when the air conditioner remains on and off, and even control and adjust the temperature as required.

Make sure that whichever timer you select, it is durable and has the ability to handle the wattage unit of your air conditioner.

Installing the Timer

  • All these timers require is the air conditioner to be plugged into them and the timer to be plugged into an outlet.
  • These types of timers are one of the simplest to install, and offer the greatest user-friendly interface.
  • While these are very easy to use, their durability depends highly on how well you care for them, for these timers can break easily.

There is another type of timer, which can be bought, and connects directly with the control panel, by accessing and linking the wiring connections. This types of timer provides you the option of controlling and changing the timing much easily and more quickly than the aforementioned timer.

Setting the Timer

Once you have purchased the timer, then it is time to familiarize yourself with it.

In-Line Timer

In-line timers consist of a dial selector, which is used to determine the time when the air conditioner should switch on and off, respectively. You use the dial and turn it to indicate the varying times and then set it by lining the dials with different arrows, marking the on and off times.

Digital Timer

Then there are digital timers, which allow you to select the time of the day during which the air conditioner will remains switched off.

These timers are far more advanced than the dial timers are, and simply require information to be added, thereby setting the timer.

Some timers, especially the digital ones, allow time to be set before hand for the entire week, so you can adjust your schedule and feed it in the timer. They are considered more durable and easier to use, as compared to other kinds of timers. You can also preprogram the timer for vacations, or business trips, or any other time you are away from home for long periods.

portable-ac-air-flow-300Auto Mode Vs Cool Mode

Air conditioners can be set on different modes, which can improve the cooling process all the while ensuring that the measures taken are cost effective.

Auto Mode

In this mode, the air conditioner runs without any adjustments to its set up. When you switch it on, the settings that automatically kick in are considered as the Auto mode. This mode is not as cost effective as the cool mode, which is much more targeted and specific.

Cool Mode

The cool mode is much like the auto mode, i.e. the default settings kick in once the air conditioner is turned on. However, the temperature can be regulated with the use of timers, which can be exceptionally beneficial in lowering the cost faced through electric bills.

Timers are exceptionally beneficial for you, as it can be gleaned from the aforementioned information. It is very important to ensure that you have selected the timer, which suits your air conditioner, is durable, and easy to use.

One of the best ways of finding the correct timer for your air conditioner model is to consult the specialists present at the hardware store regarding the one, which will work well with it. It will help you gain correct information and then you can select the one which meets your needs best.

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