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Inner City Apartment Living and Portable Air Conditioners Los Angeles

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Inner city living is crowded, convenient, and can be messy in many ways. There can be problems with bug infestation, crime, not to mention the heat. Most inner city apartments aren't cooled or ventilated with proper AC.

If you're an inner city resident, you might find this information helpful. Below are ways to deal with the problems associated with inner city living and how to improve your home or apartment.


Keep your apartment as clean as possible. Though it's not easy to stop cockroaches, dust mites, or rats from spreading through thewalls, you can reduce possible infestations. Once you've spoken to your property manager, invest in some ant and roach motels. These actually work. You can control dust mites with a supportive vacuum. Find one with the appropriate filtration system to control dust and the mites that come with it.

Rats and mice can be a huge problem as they nest inside the insulation. If you hear wood gnawing or weird scratching noises coming from inside the wall or ceiling you might have a problem. Invest in some stick traps, these work great and then contact the property manager so they can call a pest control company.

A study out of Texas A & M indicates that bed bugs are becoming more common in apartment communities. These are tiny insects that live by feeding on human blood, usually at night. They aresecretive, hide in cracks and crevices during the day, and come out at night tofeed.

Though not common in the US, their numbers are increasing.These critters are usually brought into your apartment via luggage after a hotel stay. Picking up used or recycled furniture can also cause an infestation. Once one apartment is infested they can quickly spread from one unit to another.

If you suspect bed bugs, talk to the apartment manager andhave the apartment inspected. If you have a problem chances are your neighbors do, too.

Public Safety

Public Safety

Be aware of the crime in your area and prepare accordingly.To feel safe in your apartment invest in micro-window alarms. You can get these at home depot and they are effective. Remove them if you plan to open a window. Set off accidentally, these can be shockingly loud. Also placing a barrier behind windows to prevent anyone from sliding them open. Thieves practice their craft, they know how to unlatch a lock. Thwart them by using a sturdy piece of wood or piping that fits just behind the sliding portion of the window.

Appropriate Living

Washing Hands

We've discussed public safety and bug infestations, but how about general living conditions? U.S. Department of Housingand Urban Development indicates that any home built before 1978 needs to be tested for lead.

Make sure your building has been tested and that the property manager can supply test results. Of course the primary concern is lead poisoning. The Center for Disease Control suggests the following ways to prevent this from happening.

  • Have your apartment tested
  • Make sure there is no peeling paint. Try to avoid places built before 1978
  • Regularly wash children's hands and toys
  • Regularly wet mop floors and wet wipe window components
  • Prevent children from playing in bare soil

Other major factors are Radon and mold. Everyone deserves a sanitary, safe, and decent place to live. Radon is aradioactive gas found in soil and rocks in the US. Exposure had been known tocause lung cancer. Here are some additional tips:

  • Mold produces allergens, irritants and in some cases toxic substances. Be sure your living conditions are moisture-free.
  • Make sure you have access to appropriate heating andcooling. It's necessary for those that are disabled, chronically ill, and very young or elderly people to live comfortably.
  • Cooling is affordable and makes it easier for you and yourfamily to get through the warmer months. Types of portable air conditioners Los Angeles residents need are the compact, energy efficient kind.
  • Use heated blankets and personal space heaters.
  • Be sure your apartment is well-ventilated. Install an aircleaning device like an air purifier to provide better air quality.
  • Open windows and make sure any heating or cooling vents aren't blocked. If there is a problem, contact your landlord.

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