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How to Use Port-A-Cool Parts & Accessories to MaintainYour Air Cooler

Port-A-Cool evaporative coolers is one of the most frequented air coolers by commercial businesses and home owners alike. It's manufactured in the US and features an easy to use design most consumers appreciate.

Primarily used in dry, hot conditions these coolers are designed to add moisture to the air and reduce ambient temperatures by nearly 20degrees. They require venting and can be used indoors or out. One prominent feature is that they're eco-friendly, using only water and the natural process of water evaporation to cool the air.

In residential areas, this cooler is great for patios, landscaping, gardening, garage projects, and more. It can also be used indoors to reduce ambient temperatures and easily moved from room to room as needed.

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In commercial areas, a Port-A-Cool evaporative cooler provides a cooler work environment for employees, prevents frequently used equipment from overheating, and adds moisture to dry working conditions.

These units are ideal for workshops, industrial warehouses, construction sites and auto shops. They're also great for athletic fields, athletic training, and other outdoor activities.

Studies show that working in a cooler atmosphere increases productivity. Employees stay more alert and become less tired. Up to 57% increase in worker productivity has been documented due to employers adding a Port-A-Cool evaporative cooler to the environment.

Another great attribute is that they're inexpensive to purchase, maintain, and use. An even more prominent feature is that there are parts and accessories available so you can keep your unit in pristine condition.

Below we review a variety of Port-A-Cool parts and accessories. Using the guide find your Port-A-Cool part or accessory and match it to the correct evaporative cooler.

Port-A-Cool Accessories

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Replacement Pad: A firm wet pad blows cooler air out. Changing your pad as required per use, keeps your unit cooling as it should with superior filtration.

Mineral Treatment Additive: Eliminates hard water build up so your unit remains clean throughout and free of lime scale buildup.

Louver Kit: Add the louver kit to your air cooler and direct airflow where you need it most. This handy accessory allows you to control how much cooler and where.

Swamp Cooler Cover: Protects the Port-A-Cool from dust, dirt and debris when in use.

Dust Filter: Traps airborne particles and helps improve air quality.

Cord Wrap Kit: Protects the power electrical cord and keeps the unit from rolling over it as you move the unit around.

Ducting Adapter: Allows cool airflow to be directly ducted and concentrated into specific areas.

Port-A-Cool Parts


Pump: Pumps water from the reservoir and through the media filter. This replacement part is designed to extend the life of your cooler, so you can replace the pump when it goes out and not the whole unit. Pumps vary in strength and are model specific.

Float Switch: Automatically shuts off the pump when the reservoir becomes empty. This replacement part prevents overheating and burnout.

Motor: Should your motor burn out there's a compatible model suitable for your unit. Most include an easy quick connect system so you can swamp one motor for the other without too much hassle. Motors vary according to speed.

Port-A-Cool Motor

Speed Controller: This part comes in 1, 2 and 3 speed options. It's designed to work in conjunction with the motor. For instance, a 3 speed switch works with a 3 speed motor. So even if you're looking to upgrade your system, this is a great way to increase Port-A-Cool efficiency.

Casters: General wear and tear can reduce the effectiveness of Port-A-Cool casters. It's easy to replace them with the Port-A-Cool caster kit. You can buy them individually or in a set of four.

Motor Mount: Injection molded for durability, the motor mount secures your motor to the unit for safe operation. Just like an automobile, if the motor mount cracks or breaks, it must be replaced. Don't just assume the unit is broken if the motor shakes when in use, it could just be the mount.

Follow the chart below to match the accessory or part to the Port-A-Cool model you have.This chart includes links to the correct replacement pad or motor depending on your personal needs and required upgrades. 

Accessories - Port-A-Cool Cooler

Accessory & ModelCyclone 2000/3000Jetstream16" Units24" Units36" Units48" Units
Replacement PadPAD6019/22 PAD6022 5/26 PAD6024/GPAD6024/GPAD6036/GPAD6048/GPAD6060/G
Mineral Treatment AdditiveMK-47MK-47-CSMK-47MK-47-CSMK-47MK-47-CSMK-47MK-47-CSMK-47MK-47-CSMK-47MK-47-CS
Swamp Cooler CoverCyclone 2000 PAC-CVR-C2 PAC-CVR-02PAC-CVR-01PAC-CVR-01PAC-CVR-03
Ducting Adapter  PAC-ADP-16   

Replacement Parts - Port-A-Cooler

Part & ModelCyclone 2000/3000Jetstream16" Units24" Units36" Units48" Units
PumpPUMP-CYC-3 PUMP-140-1PUMP-140-1 / PUMP 150-1PUMP-016-4RPUMP-016-4RPUMP-016-4R
MotorMOTOR-013-07B / MOTOR-016-01MOTOR-013-04MOTOR-012-04 / MOTOR-013-04 / MOTOR-14-02MOTOR-012-06 / MOTOR-012-02STAMOTOR-012-05 / MOTOR-012-1STAMOTOR-010-01