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Add a Little Miami to Your New York Patio with Compamia Chairs

NY Skyline

New York style living is fascinating business. Today, in spite of the bad economy, more people are moving to New York than actually leaving it. The Census Bureau notes that in 2010, 252,000 people moved to New York. 157,000 of those people came from other places within the country. During this period, 220,000 people left New York. This is a huge change in light of previous recessions when most people moved out of the state to survive.

People are not giving up on their dreams. If they've dreamed of living in New York, they still do and they're pursuing this goal. So what is the draw?

According to the New York Times, most people are addicted to the lifestyle and what the city has to offer. You can make a living in New York in just about any industry; if you love big business, it's here. Want to be a producer? You can get your big break in New York. Publishing, Broadway, and the Stock Exchange are just part of the lure.


Old apartment living

In the 19th century, more and more people began crowding into America's cities, including thousands of newly arrived immigrants seeking a better life. In New York the population doubled every decade from 1800-1880. With the overflow of people came the need for more housing.

Single family dwellings were increasingly divided to provide multiple living spaces. Known as tenements, the narrow apartment buildings were often cramped, overcrowded, poorly lit and lacked indoor plumbing and proper ventilation. By 1900, about 2.3 million people were living in tenement housing.

Because of dire living conditions the Tenement House Law was passed in 1901 that outlawed the construction of new buildings. After, Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, which reconstructed low-income housing in America, changed living conditions for many people.

New York Living Today

Sky rises, high rises, and more, this city is a vertical place to live. Everything is reaching up which means that space is limited. After being cooped inside all winter, New Yorkers want to enjoy the summer months. Apartment residents long for their own space outdoors to take in the beautiful weather.

Only fortunate city dwellers have patios and terraces. Those residing in outer boroughs and suburbs have the advantages of enjoying a backyard. Whatever your situation, in order to really enjoy patios and terraces in comfort, it is key to get the perfect furnishings to fit your situation. It must be able to tolerate humidity, heat, and be compact. That's where Compamia patio furniture comes in.

Patio Design

Patio Planters

Based in Miami, Florida, Compamia patio furniture is ideal for New York living. It is one of the largest wholesale distributors of luxury commercial grade outdoor furniture. Their collection is carefully designed to meet high outdoor living standards like: comfort, luxury, quality and durability. It's a great way to decorate your New York patio in a space conscious way.

People on the east coast love summer as much as those on the west coast and probably even more so. When the last bit of snow melts away making room for warmer days, New Yorkers begin opening their windows and sliding glass doors to let in a welcome bit of warmth.

During the colder months, most New Yorkers take to the airways and spend time in Florida to enjoy a little calmer weather. When summer comes, they can stay home, grill on the patio, and have friends over.

So why not prep your patio, add a little Miami to your decor, and create an outdoor living space that is an extension of your interior.

When it comes to New York patio design, space is everything. CBS New York offers this advice when redecorating your New York patio.

  • Folding and stacking chairs
  • Planters
  • Privacy screens
  • Outdoor fireplaces and heaters
Compamia patio chairs

Compamia chairs are stackable and easy to store. They can be used indoors or out, which makes them versatile, and they come in a variety of colors. They're UV protected, and made from commercial quality resin. They're specifically designed to withstand humidity, too.

Flooring must be able to tolerate humid conditions. Try outdoor rugs on already cemented areas. If you have a dirt terrace, then try pavers that can be set with sand or interlocking tiles. They soften the space and they're easy to maintain.

Planters are a New Yorker's best friend. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit in patio or terrace space. It's the best way enjoy the flowers you love and grow herbs. Add a trellis and work vines through as they grow to create a backdrop and additional privacy.

Coexisting comfortably with close neighbors can be difficult, but even more so during the summer months when windows are open and everyone is sitting on their terraces or patios. Privacy screens help create the coziness you want in a patio or garden setting. It's the perfect shield to the outside world. Choose a folding screen so it can be tucked away when not in use.

Outdoor fireplaces and heaters provide warmth for when the sun goes down and creates a space that's inviting. This also stretches the use of the patio beyond the summer months. You can enjoy your patio even on a chillier evening.

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