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The Evaporative Cooler Los Angeles Residents Need to Improve Dry Areas

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Essentially evaporative coolers are designed for dry, arid environments. When humidity levels are high, they aren't as effective at reducing ambient temperatures because they're only adding more moisture to the air. They're design relies upon cooled water molecules being blown through the machine and into the air. The cooling process is hindered by pre-existing moisture.

Residents know that Los Angeles is a coastal city. Typically, the weather is mild and often characterized as Mediterranean in nature. For this reason, many wonder if an evaporative cooler will be effective.The answer is yes.

You know how hot summer can be in the city. Endless sunny days, the lack of rain, and dry windy conditions wreak havoc on sinuses, skin, nasal passages, and even the eyes.

If you live along the coast, an evaporative cooler might not be the AC you need. However, if you live in the Los Angeles basin, it's an ideal choice. Though not as dry as cities in Nevada and Arizona, Los Angeles can maintain relatively low humidity levels.

Los Angeles has a dry desert climate. There are times when humidity levels can be as high as 85% but there are times when humidity can fall as low as 38%. In fact, some weather reports indicate that when it gets as hot as 90°F, humidity levels can fall into the single digits. The Santa Ana winds make these conditions even worse.

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From brush fires to severe allergies, this hot weather can be hazardous. That's what makes evaporative cooling such a great option for LA residents. A traditional AC only makes dry conditions drier, whereas an evaporative cooler offers some relief. An air cooler can reduce ambient temperatures by as much as 20°F. On a 90°F. day, this cooling capacity is significant.

The type of evaporative cooler Los Angeles residents need is a portable indoor/outdoor option. Outdoors, it'll cool the patio or pool area. Indoors it'll reduce the temperature and provide the moisture needed to prevent some of the aforementioned health problems. When your air cooler is portable, you can move it where you need it most, too.

Features to look for include:

  • Casters for mobility
  • Low watt energy draw
  • Easy fill water tank
  • Effective coverage
  • High efficiency cooling pad

These units are easy to use and cost effective. No need to burden your wallet with expensive air conditioning, this one does the job without using much energy at all. All you have to do is fill the water tank. If you plan to use it outside then get one with a hose connection for continuous cooling. As long as the water pad is wet, you'll feel the cooling effect.

Other Cooling Systems

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Monitor humidity levels in your home with a hygrometer.When they're too high, but your still need relief from the heat, then invest in a portable air conditioner. These are compressor coolers that remove moisture fromthe air while reducing the ambient temperature.

If you live in an apartment and the property owner doesn't allow you to use an AC (maybe he pays the electric bill), then manage light sources. Moderate shade and maximize airflow throughout the day to keep as comfortable as possible. Adjust the blinds and open or close certain windows.Circulate the air in your apartment and you'll feel somewhat cooler.

If you own your home, install ceiling fans or an attic fan to help move cooler air around the room. An attic fan keeps the roof area cooler, which then keeps the interior rooms cooler, too. This helps removestored heat and provides ventilation.

Fans don't cool the air the same way an evaporative cooleror portable AC does, but they can help eliminate stuffiness and remove hotspotsthat cause discomfort. You might even reduce the ambient temperature by 10°F. if you set these up around the house.

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