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Evaporated Cooling - What is it and What it's Good For

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Evaporative coolers provide an eco-friendly, safe, and healthy way to maintain cooler temperatures in a variety of settings. Below are examples of how effective natural evaporative cooling really is and ways it can be used. Consider how it can contribute to your environment and provide a better atmosphere in commercial and residential settings.

Evaporated cooling is a natural and effective way to cool down. How does it occur? Hyper-Physics studied at Georgia State University explains it like this:

"When the ambient temperature is above body temperature, then radiation, conduction, and convection all transfer heat into the body rather than out. Since there must be a net outward transfer, the only mechanismsleft under these conditions are the evaporation of perspiration from the skin and the evaporative cooling from exhaled moisture."

As part of the physiological regulation of body temperature, the skin will begin to sweat almost precisely at 98.6F and perspiration will increase rapidly with increasing skin temperature. This is a natural cooling mechanism for the human body. Once perspiration increases, an individual must drink water to replace the moisture lost.

Furthermore, it is observed that a higher temperature object, which is in contact with a lower temperature object, will transfer heat to the lower temperature object. The objects will approach the same temperature and, as a result, will maintain a constant temperature. This is why evaporative cooling works. When water evaporates, it takes the heat with it.

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Likewise, the same process occurs in animals.Thermoregulation is an organism's ability to maintain an ideal body temperature when the surrounding temperature is very different. Warm-blooded animals tend to regulate their body temperature by panting, ruffling feathers, and sweating through their paws and the pads on their feet. Some might seek shade while others might lick their fur to cool down. Cats are known for this, as are kangaroos.

Animals change their behavior in order to keep body temperature consistent, especially in extremely hot temperatures. They might sleep in a burrow underground during hot weather and come out in the early morning hours or at night. Some might store fat reserves in one place like a camel and his hump to avoid its insulating effect and some might elongate extremities to conduct body heat into the air.

Evaporated Cooling in Agriculture, Crops, and Animal Care

The US is built on an agricultural foundation and according to Ohio State University, an evaporative cooling pad system is the best way tosustain a plant and animal agricultural environment. In Colonial America, agriculture was the primary source of food and income for 90% of the population.It is the same today, except now we have the technology to achieve better results.

Using only an air cooler, water, a pad, and a pump,evaporative cooling is an inexpensive and effective way to control excessively high ambient temperatures. A typical pad system draws outside air into the room, cycles it through the cooler and over a wet pad to be recycled through the indoor area. Water is continuously circulated over and through the pad cells during operation.

One study posted in ScienceDirect indicates that using evaporated cooling on crops like apples and other fruits prevents sunburn and scorching that can happen when temperatures get too high. Greenhouse grownfoods like pepper, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, herbs and strawberry benefit from moisture rich conditions. Excessive dryness in the greenhouse can thwart productivity significantly.

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The same kind of cooling benefits dairy farms. Dairyfarmers all over the world, especially in hot regions, like China and Israel, are familiar with the negative impact heat stress has on a cow's performance.

One study shows that in China, the average annual milk production on a dairy farm reaches 6,000 liters per cow. After providing the cows with proper cooling, the lactating productivity improved 5-15% annually.

Evaporative cooling is ideal for holding pens and exitlanes. It's also ideal for reducing heat stress in chickens, llamas, sheep,steer, and dairy cows. It's all natural, so it's environmentally friendly andemits no harmful fluorocarbons.

Cooling pads help maintain animal health during the hot summer months. This is the only commercial cooling available that actually decreases the THI or temperature humidity index.

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This kind of technology can be sized according to need. There are varieties of air coolers available. If you're an avid gardener, raise animals like horses, dogs, or cats, or simply want to keep your outdoor landscape from burning in the sun, then consider a residential unit. The swamp coolers will effectively cool your home, greenhouse, home garden, barn, stable, kennel or anyother area.

Not only is this an inexpensive way to reduce ambient temperatures, it's energy efficient and non-polluting. It's a safe and healthy solution to animal care and vegetable gardening. Most residential size models are easy to operate and small enough to move from place to place.

Large commercial units are just as efficient and effective, only less mobile than their counterparts. Both ways, natural is better and your plants, crops, animals, and everything in-between will benefit from its cooling power.

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