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Top 4 Most Efficient Garage Heaters

Heating is universal. Everyone needs it, wants it, and benefits from it. It's a household standard, and in today's economy, it's more important than ever to keep energy costs down and stay warm at the same time. So, how do you stay warm in a cost effective way?

How to Calculate Heater Efficiency

The way to calculate the cost of an electric heater is as follows:

1. Find out how much you pay per unit of electricity. This information is on your electric bill.

2. Find out how much input power the heater uses in kW. This is usually marked on the packaging or the side of the heater.

3. To estimate hourly running cost, multiply the input power in kW by the price of your electricity per kW hour.

shop-all-garage-300For example, if you pay 7.53 cents per kWh and you run a 5,000 watt or 5kW heater you would multiply 7.53 cents/kWh x 5kW x 1 hour = 37.65 cents per hour to run the heater.

4. To estimate daily running cost, multiply the cost per hour by the number of hours you use the heater.

5. To estimate your yearly running cost, multiply the daily cost by the typical number of days you plan to use the heater.

Our experts tested some of our best selling garage heaters for efficiency and ranked them 1-5. Because efficiency means different things to different people, we recommend them based on not only cost efficiency but also specialized features that separate one style of heating from another. We're looking at efficiency in terms of coverage, effectiveness, ease of use, and wattage. newair-g56-300

NewAir is a home appliance provider. This includes wine coolers, air conditioners, ice makers, ice cream makers and more. This is a newer company who uses the most advanced technology to provide stylish, easy to use, efficient merchandise. Knowing this, how does the  NewAir G56  rate?

Online reviews indicate that this heater is a great option for large spaces. Slated to warm more than 500 sq. ft. many reviews indicate it performs as advertised. Even in areas where temperatures drop to an uncomfortable degree, this heater raises temperatures to a comfortable level. So what exactly makes this unit efficient?

1. It heats up to 560 sq. ft. as it claims to

2. It's easy to setup and use with no permanent installation required, needing a 240V outlet only

3. It's made from steel and extremely durable

4. Thermostat control that shuts the heater on and off as temperatures rise and fall

5. Uses only 5600 watts of heating power

So what are the negatives? For one, there isn't an off switch. It's a single pole thermostat, so that should be expected. However, some consider this an inconvenience. Here's a hint: Plug this heater into a power strip and turn it off when not in use.

newair-g73-300Maintaining product integrity and efficiency, the NewAir company presents another success! Customers give this heater a five star rating and for good reason. It tested well, and outperforms other brands within the same category.

Customer reviews suggest the NewAir G73  is a bargain. Even in northern regions, this heater warms the man cave so you can work on cars and more in the dead of winter. What else makes it so appealing?

1. It's reasonably priced

2. Heater effectively warms up to 500 sq. ft. and raises temperatures more than 40 degrees

3. Ceiling and wall mountable so it's out of the way and includes a hanging bracket for quick setup

shop-all-garage-3004. Can be used for commercial and residential applications

5. Only 5,000 watts of energy drawn to warm a large area

What are the negatives? Customers complain it requires hardwiring rather than simple plug in operation like the G56. That's why this heater ranks 2nd on our list of the best. It takes a little planning and knowledge to get this heater installed. That being said, consumers boast that it's great for winters in which the temperature drops below zero.

Loaded with features, this garage heater from Dimplex heats quickly and offers guaranteed value. A great option when it comes to heating an area of up to 400 square feet. Originally designed to be extremely heavy duty friendly, while also offering an amazing 4,000 watts of heating power. Between the great price and many excellent features, this heater is one of the most popular garage heaters on the market. It provides the option of mounting it on the ceiling or leaving it on the floor or counter. The DGWH4031 is the perfect heating solution for garages, warehouses and workshops alike.

1. The Dimplex DGWH4031 features a corrosion resistant casing element and fan blade

2. The Dimplex DGWH4031features a versatile mounting bracket for wall or ceiling installation

3. With automatic temperature control the Dimplex DGWH4031 helps maintain a consistent temperature

4. Rugged all-steel construction ensures durability and years of use

5. Adjustable airflow allows you to target your work area and eliminate cold spots

The HOTBOX unit from Redcore was the first infrared heater built specifically for the workshop, garage and basement. If your looking for a powerful and stylish heater that is lightweight, compact and portable? Do you want an easy to use a heater complete with an LCD display? If so, then you are going to love the HOTBOX portable garage heater.

This compact heater can heat large areas of up to 1,000 square feet with ease and offers an adjustable 2 speed fan that can heat the surrounding air to temperatures of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Its true, you simply cannot go wrong with this stylish and compact heater from Redcore.

What are the pluses?

1. Perpetual IR infrared heating element with lifetime limited warranty

2. Rugged design with metal construction and ABS/fiberglass composite reinforced bumpers

3. Three-way adjustable fan to heat from 500 SF (garage, barn) to 1000 SF (indoors)

4. Integrated carry handle makes it easy to carry around shop-all-garage-300

5. Cool to touch, tip-over control and an over heat auto shutoff

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