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How to Put Together a Napoleon Gourmet Grill in 12 Easy Steps

napoleon grill boxed

How many of you have purchased a grill this summer and found putting it together a bit difficult?

Putting together a gourmet grill is not always the easiest task; that being said, if it is a Napoleon grill it is a DIY project you can accomplish in about 2 hours.

The following instructions apply to a basic Napoleon gourmet grill.

What you will need:

  • (1) 3/8" wrench
  • (1) Ratchet or driver
  • (1) Flat screwdriver
  • (1) Phillips screwdriver
  • (1) Pliers
  • (1) Hammer
napoleon grill casters

1. Remove all cart panels, hardware, and the grill head from the box. Raise the lid and remove any components packed inside. Details are labeled so they are easy to identify.

Napoleon organizes materials so you can make sense of the process as you go. All parts are packaged so you can set them aside and open them as you go, too.

2. Assemble the cart first. Once the cart is in place, applying the grill head is easy.

Take the bottom shelf and insert the magnet. This snaps easily into place. Next, secure the casters. Stabilizing casters are applied to the left side. Revolving casters go on the right.

Secure using (4) ??-20 x 3/8" screws and (4) 1/8-20 lock nuts. Place brackets under front casters and secure tightly. Once complete, take the propane ring, and insert into slots on the bottom shelf. Fold the metal tabs over to secure in place.

napoleon grill side panels

3. Now, you are ready to install the side panels. Examine the panel and make sure the slots are on the top side and the holes are on the bottom side. Place the panels on the bottom shelf one at a time and line up the holes. Secure using (4) #14 x 1/2" screws.

Once the side panels are secure, you can attach the back panel. For this you will use (6) #14 x 1/2" screws. Be sure the large hole at the bottom of the panel is positioned in the lower right hand corner.

napoleon bottom cart

4. Insert the tank inhibitor bracket into the slot in the rear panel, then fasten to the bottom panel using (1) #14 x 1/2" screw.

Find the slots in the back panel and secure the propane tank mount one end at a time, gently bending the wire.

This feature stabilizes the propane tank for better security. When not in use the tank mount will lay flat against the back panel.

5. Now, you are ready to secure the front rail to the front side panels. For this you will use the (4) #14 x 1/2" screws. Once secure, snap the second magnet into place. There is a slot in the front rail for this.

napoleon grill head

6. Take the heat shield and attach it to one end to the lip of the back panel and the other to the lip under the front rail. Use (4) #14 x 1/2" screws to secure.

7. Now, you are ready to install the grill head. Grab a family member or a friend to help. This task requires two people to complete.

Release the regulator hose from the zip tie. The zip tie is only used to keep the regulator hose secure during shipping and is no longer necessary.

When placing the head on top of the cabinet, make sure the hose falls between the right panel and the heat shield. Line up holes in the top of the side cart panels with holes in the bottom of the grill head. Fasten from the inside using (4) 1/4-20 x 1/2" screws, two per side.

napoleon grill head 2

8. Next, mount the rotisserie bracket. This fits to the left side of the barbeque and uses (2) 1/4-20 x 3/8" screws.  Once this is complete, you are ready to assemble the side shelves.

9. Each side shelves comes with a plastic end cap. Before securing the side shelf to the grill, you need to secure the end cap to the shelf. To do this, push the shelf, bottom tabs first, into the end cap and line up the holes.

Secure the end cap to the side shelf using the (4) #8 x 1/2" screws per shelf. On the underside of the shelf, fasten the end cap using (2) #8 x 5/8" screws one on either end.

napoleon grill side shelf

Once the shelves are put together you can install them by using (4) 1/4-20 x 5/8" screws.

First, insert the screw through the washers and then into the threaded holes in the side panel. Do not tighten all the way. Slip the shelf over the screw heads and then tighten into place.

napoleon grill door

10. Now, it is time to assemble the doors.

Using (2) #14 x 3/4" screws attach the door handle onto the front and the tool hooks onto the back.

Insert the door pivot pins into the holes in the top and bottom of each door, gently tap securely into place with a hammer.

Slide the door bushing over the pivot pin on the bottom of the door. Direct the top pivot pin into the hole on the underside of the front panel and the lower part of the door fitting into the bottom shelf. Once installed, snap the top pivot pinclip over the top pivot pin to secure.

napoleon grill racks

11. Now, you are ready to insert the grill plates. First, insert the sear plates.

Position one over each burner with the slots facing down to allow drippings to travel. Next, position the grids and warming rack.

Rest the warming rack on the brackets inside hood and the grids on the front and back lip of the grill base.

Clip the wire grease tray into the two holes located in the center of the back panel. This holds the aluminum grease tray.

12. Slide the drip pan into the rear of base. Make sure the dip pan rides along the rails for proper placement. Before you use the grill be sure to clip the regulator hose to the side panel using the hose retainer clip that is supplied.

Was it Easy to Put Together?

napoleon grill complete

The answer is yes. All of the pieces are clearly labeled. Everything seems to fit right into place. All of the holes lineup. Our only issue is that tightening some of the bolts can be tedious.

Securing them with a ratchet or screwdriver can be a little difficult. This issue typically pertains to the side, rear and front panels, grill head and other confined areas.

Other than that, the instructions are clear cut and quite easy to follow.  Not unlike the ones, we have presented to you above, the instructions are simple, and there are clear pictures that show every detail.

How Easy is it to Use?

napoleon grill complete 3

Using the grill is relatively easy. Everything is accessible. The burner knobs are right on the front of the grill, so managing the flame is a cinch.

Our only issue is that the sear plates are under the grill plates. You have to remove one set of grill plates to sear your meat. Therefore, if you are grilling and you want to finish with a nice sear, you will need some grilling gloves to remove the top grill for access.

Outside of that, this grill is a simple one. Food does not stick, and the unit stays in place. There is a little room for storage under the cabinet, too. You have two side tables in which to set your necessities and there is a place to hang your utensils on the back inside portion of the door.

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