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Easy Above Ground Pool Safety & Setup Advice You Should Know!

above ground pool and deck

You've installed your above ground pool but now you need toset it up for use. For the best possible results, you need to consider safety, methods of cleaning, and basic pool care. Below we offer some valuable advice on the best ways to setup and use your pool in a safe and successful manner.


Do you plan to install a fence or any decking? If you have small children, you'll need to keep them safe. Although above-ground pools are considered a safer alternative to a traditional in-ground pool, there is always a risk when an open body of water is around. The best way to prevent accidental drowning is to install a fence. When choosing a pool fence consider the following:

    Is it climb resistant? Chain link fences are not recommended because they are easy to climb. Also, keep any furniture or other objects away from the fencing so children cannot use them as tools to climb.
    • The fence should be at least 4 ft. tall
    • Have no more than 4" between vertical slats
    • Have a gate that's self closing and latching
    • Latches should be installed higher than 54"
    • Remove steps or ladders when not in use

If you plan to install decking, be sure it's made fromweather resistant material and treated to prevent corrosion and rot. Also, besure the pool is fenced off and that the gate to the deck meets the standards above. You don't want children to be able to access the pool without adult supervision.

pool ladder

Ladder and other matters

All above-ground pools need a ladder. You can't get in and out of the pool safely without a step system. For an above-ground pool you need an A-frame ladder. Make sure it has a childproof barrier to keep children from getting wedged between the side of the pool and ladder.

Pool alarms are necessary if you have kids and pets. Most alarms include intelligent software and high tech sensors to detect pool entry. Most models have a weight sensor so it's not going off unnecessarily. Also, consider a pool gate alarm. This alerts you if the fencing or gate has been breached.

Pump and filter

The pump and the filter is the heart of the pool. Without a strong and efficient pump and filter keeping pool water clean is much more difficult. Run your pump during the day for at least 10 hours. It removes both visible debris and microscopic particles. There are a variety of pump and filtering systems available.

Sand filters are the most economically priced filtering system. It will keep your pool perfectly clean and it will last for years. Most models like the Blue Wave Sandman are corrosion-proof and come in a convenient one piece design. Advanced engineering provides an even flow through the sand bed to ensure maximum filtration and a shimmering clean pool. It includes a top mount design with multi-port system and easy backwashing.

Cartridge filtering systems are typically rugged in design and made from weather resistant and corrosion proof polymer. Inside the filter tanks are large filtering elements that produce water quality similar to sand but without the backwashing. There's a minimum of cleaning that ensures hassle free operation. This system is powered by high powered pumps that are efficient. Cartridges are replaceable and easy to change.

D.E filter systems provides ultimate water clarity. It's ideal for any size above ground pool and is very dependable. Featuring a high performance, single speed pump with excellent flow rates, this filter usually includes a large lint pot to remove dirt and debris quickly.

filter timer

Filter timers and such

Filtering media typically operates the filtering system on a programmed schedule. This can be very convenient as you don't have to remember to run the pump and filtering system, it will turn on automatically for a reset time.

Solar programmable timers control your filtering system using sunlight. With this option, you can save energy and program the unit to run as desired. Most timers include multiple settings for increased flexibility. Some models will operate on a day cycle, which is activated by sunlight, or a night cycle, which is activated by darkness.

Economical timer and clock is the most reasonably priced. It's set manually to run at a preset time, too.  It's powered by electricity and typically very easy to set.

Alternatives to sand and D.E.

Vitroclean media filter is an alternative to sand. If you own a sand filtering system you can fill the filter with Vitroclean. Vitroclean is a green product and is made up of recycled glass. It's reported to improve water clarity, purity and quality, remove finer particles, reduce the amount ofchlorine need to sanitize the pool, and reduce the need for backwashing.

Zeofiber or Zeobest is a safe and natural replacement for D.E. sand filtering systems, too. It is pure white cellulose fiber that works just as well. It's 100% biodegradable and safe to use. There's less backwashing required with use and it leaves your water clean and clear. Zeobest covers over 9800 times more square footage than sand. It filter particles as small as 3 microns and reduces chemical demand. It removes ammonia produced from dead organic material in the water that results in less eye irritation and odor.

Heaters and protectors

dog in pool

Keep your pool comfortably warm with an above ground pool heater. They're high performance, compact, lightweight, and can be electric, propane, or gas operated. They fit nicely alongside the pool design without being an eyesore, too. Protect it from inclement weather all year with a heater cover and you can benefit from ideal pool temperatures for years to come.

Using a pool cover is a great way to protect your pool when not in use. Whether you're winterizing it or protecting it during the summer, pool covers are a necessity all pool owners should consider.

Other necessities

  • Chlorine: Keeps the water clean and prevents bacterial growth and eliminates dangerous contaminants
  • Shock treatment: Designed to eliminate the growth of algae, bacteria, and organic pollutants
  • Algaecides: Kills and prevents algae growth
  • Feeders: Dispense chlorine into water automatically
  • Specialty chemicals: Include phosphate remover and water clarifier to control cloudiness
  • Water balancing chemicals: Help maintain the ideal water balance for best possible results. The pH level for the pool should be between 7.2 and 7.6 ppm

Examples of water balancing chemicals are as follows:

  • pH increaser
  • pH reducer
  • Alkalinity increaser
  • Hardness increaser
  • Stabilizer

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