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Save Money! Choose an Above Ground Pool

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Did you know that the cost of an average in-ground pool is about $25,000-50,000? That's for a basic pool with basic installation. Things that might affect the price are size, depth, and materials used to line the pool.

You must also consider the setting, any underground piping there might be, and gas lines. These are all labor-intensive factors and definitely increase the cost. Below are some primary things to consider:

  • By far, the size of the pool is the biggest factor in determining cost. For every square foot, expect to pay about $50.
  • Depth has everything to do with size. The deeper a pool builder needs to dig, the more labor you're going to pay.
  • The materials used to line the pool can get expensive, too. Gunite and fiberglass are premium materials and cost more than vinyl.
  • Demographics play a role in cost, too. The higher the cost of living in your area, the more you will pay.
  • You will also need to buy permits, which could get costly depending on where you live.
  • You must also consider the recommended pool accessories. This can increase your cost considerably. Things like pumps, filters, fencing, diving boards, slides, spas, and lighting are all part of the construction.
  • One more factor to consider is time. The time it takes to install an in-ground pool changes from contractor to contractor and pool prices are always fluctuating. Pool prices are not recession proof either. If you received a quote last year, you can bet the price has gone up.

So, why invest in an above ground pool? You can enjoy the same cooling and entertaining elements that a built in pool offers for a fraction of the cost. The cost of an average above ground pool is about $7,000.

Like built-in options, prices are based on size and materials. The construction and liner play an important role in how well an above ground pool performs. You can get an above-ground pool, including pump and filter, for as little as $4,000. You can also pay as much as $10,000.

What to Consider After Making Your Purchase

Setting it Up

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Setting up an above-ground pool is relatively easy. Ask a couple of family members or friends to help you and have one put together in couple of days. This DIY project doesn't take too much time.

Using our installation guide in conjunction with the manufacturer's instructions can break down the process for you, so you can see how simple it actually is.

A good above-ground pool is usually constructed of resin, steel, or aluminum. A good pool manufacturer treats the parts to prevent any rust or corrosion, too.

This type of above-ground pool is definitely more durable than vinyl and they usually carry an extensive warranty.

There are four basics steps when assembling your above-ground pool:

  • Level the ground
  • Assemble the track
  • Insert the liner
  • Start pool maintenance

Leveling the ground is most labor intensive, but if you plan ahead and use a rototiller to remove any grass, it's not too hard. Leveling the ground is probably the most important part, as you need a secure foundation to set the pool on.

Assembling the track requires at least two people to make it easy. Usually the manufacturer includes assembly instructions that are easy to follow. Some pieces snap together and some need to be bolted. If you view our installation guide, you can see how this typically works.

Inserting the liner is the last step before simply filling the pool and setting up maintenance.

Getting the Pool Accessories

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Whether you have an above-ground pool or a built-in pool, you need the proper materials to keep it clean. To maintain a healthy body of water, you'll need the following:

  • Water balancing kit
  • Chlorine sanitizer
  • Water clarifier
  • Shock
  • Pump and filter
  • Vacuum
  • Skimmer
  • Brush

Two of the biggest complaints people have about an above-ground pool is that the high walls and basic design are an eyesore in the backyard, and you have to climb over the wall to get in the pool.

We suggest building a deck to incorporate the pool into your backyard. Setting up a deck makes it a part of the surroundings. The finished wood provides a nice-looking facade and the pool becomes much more accessible.

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With landscape and a well-crafted deck, it can be hard to tell if you're looking at a built in pool or an above ground one. Other advantages to an above ground pool include:

  • Easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Safe, as a child or pet is less likely to fall in
  • No extra plumbing required
  • Can be disassembled without any major expense

The average cost of an above ground pool deck is about $2,500-8,000 depending on the size of the pool and the materials used. It's recommended that you use composite lumber or plastic decking to construct your deck. You can also use fir, pine, cedar, or redwood. If you're using wood make sure it's pressure treated and sealed.

Closing up for the Winter

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  • Test your pool chemicals
  • Clean your pool
  • Use a chemical winterizing kit, which includes shock, algaecide, and rust and scale remover
  • Clean filter, pump and skimmer. Backwash your sand filter. It takes about 2 min. to clear. Or if it's cartridge cleaner take out the cartridge and clean out. Clean out the skimmer basket, and unscrew the pump lid and remove leaves and large debris.
  • Lower water level and add anti-freeze to plumbing and install threaded winter plugs to return fittings to keep water rout of lines.
  • Remove drain plugs
  • Add winter pool cover

Opening up for Summer

  • Getting your pool summer ready is a cinch!
  • Set up the pump and filter
  • Check all parts and sanitation equipment. Replace anything that's not working or outdated
  • Make sure you still have all the sanitizing equipment and chemicals
  • Balance the water
  • Follow your care and maintenance guide for keeping an above ground pool and enjoy!

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