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12 Summer Activities with Your Charcoal BBQ Grill

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Looking for some ideas on how to incorporate your charcoal BBQ grill in a plethora of summer activities? We've compiled a list of some of the best ways to spend your summer. We have suggestions for those that want to enjoy the wonder of summer alone as well as events that can incorporate the whole family. Take a look and get started on that summer itinerary!

Road Trip

Take your summer out on the road. These trips can be just for an afternoon or extend for several days if you wish to log some serious miles. Visit a local travel agent or auto club to see what locations are nearest you or how best to maximize a trip for the most memories.

Drive-in Movie

These relics of a by-gone era are still around where they host screenings of classic, and sometimes current, movies. We encourage you to sit back and enjoy the show where you can enjoy the comfort of your own car and a viewing experience that cannot be matched.

Visit a Theme Park

Grab a pass for the whole family and head on down to the theme park. Make sure that everyone is prepared for a long day out in the sun with loose-fitting clothing and is wearing a hat. Theme parks are an excellent way to get outside and spend quality family time under the sun.

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Pick Fruits and Vegetables

Some local farms may have picking days where you can visit their properties and make your way through their fields and orchards. This is an excellent way to get quality produce that otherwise might be difficult to find. After you're done, you can use your charcoal BBQ grill to roast your bounty.

See a Meteor Shower

Dress warmly and bundle up to spend some time under the stars. These events are usually anticipated several days before they occur giving you plenty of time to prepare a quick menu before the show begins. Invite friends and family to share in a not-so-common occurrence.

Go Fishing

Pack your waders, fishing rod and block and tackle for a day full of relaxation and sport. Skill and patience are appropriate for both cooking and fishing so why not work on both at the same time? If successful, you can grill up your catch and enjoy your catch immediately.

Head to the Beach

Suit up, slather on the suntan oil and set your sights on the beach. Collect shells, build sand castles and jog through the breaking waves. The whole family is sure to enjoy the surf, sun and fun. Plus, if an expert grillmaster is practicing their craft, delicious fare enhances the experience that much more.

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Go to a Bar

Listen to some local music and take in the nightlife. Some cities will have weekly or monthly scheduled events that allow you to get a feel for local culture that can easily be missed. Inquire at your local city hall or search online to see if or when such an event will happen.

Play Sports

Nothing says summer like spending some time outdoors. Enroll the kids in a baseball or swim camp where they can benefit from structure while making new friends. A great way to stay in shape and improve general health, sports will keep your body fit and trim.

Make Sidewalk Art

Do you consider yourself a creative type? Outdoor art is an easy way to get some fresh air and express your artistic side. Farmer's markets have places to exhibit local artwork but you can also practice on your neighborhood streets. You don't have to be a professional to create something others will truly enjoy. Just get out there and express yourself.

Start a Garden

Utilize your backyard for something more than just grilling. Hone your gardening skills and, after a few months, the fruits and vegetables of your labor will be ripe where you can return to your first passion, outdoor cooking.

Go on a Hike

If you happen to have a portable grill you can pack it up and take it with you on a hike. Explore the great outdoors and regional parks in your area. Nature offers a terrific chance of pace and scenery for those stuck in the urban sprawl.

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