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Ozone Air Purifiers Uses Powerful Oxidation Properties Found in Nature


In the upper atmosphere, ozone is known for its ability to filter ultraviolet light, and in the lower atmosphere, it's used as an industrial disinfectant, helping to reduce airborne contaminants.

The Different Uses for Ozone

Although industrial ozone applications are somewhat limited, ozone is primarily used to kill microorganisms in water sources because of its high oxidation potential. Many municipal drinking water systems use ozone to kill bacteria instead of the more common chlorine.

Other common uses for ozone in water purification includes the disinfection of laundry in hospitals, care homes, and food factories. It's used for swimming pool and spa sanitation and the cleaning and bleaching of fabrics during the manufacturing process too. 

The Benefits of Using Ozone Air Cleaners

Ozone air purifiers can be extremely useful in large, high-pollution areas. Without the need for a central filter, the powerful oxidation properties of ozone alters the chemical composition of pollutants and transforms them into carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water. 

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Biozone 2000 Air Purifier

What Are Ozone Molecules

Ozone is a molecule comprised of three oxygen atoms. Two atoms of oxygen from the basic oxygen molecule - the oxygen we breathe that is essential to life - and the third oxygen atom can detach from the ozone molecule and reattach itself to the molecules of other substances. This ability to react with other substances substantiates air purifier manufacturers' claims.

Because ozone is highly reactive, it destroys certain types of bacteria and chemicals. It's highly effective at neutralizing strong odors such as cigarette smoke. These air purifiers and air cleaners are space units that emit ozone-rich gaseous plasma or personal breathing devices that are worn around the neck. Some supporters of ozone air purifiers claim they can improve the health of asthmatics, the elderly, and depressed pets.

Whatto Consider Before Purchasing an Ozone AirCleaner

When considering an ozone air purifier for your home or office, keep in mind that while they do have air purifying applications, they have little to no effect on solid particulates. They are best suited for large, highly-polluted areas such as bars and salons, or a non-inhabited room like a woodshed.

Some ozone air cleaners may produce a slight odor that is akin to chlorine, and can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat of those with respiratory difficulties and sensitive lungs. Nevertheless, if used intermittently, with caution, and preferably in conjunction with other air purification technologies, ozone air purifiers can help sanitize and deodorize the air.

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