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For over 50 years, Amcor has specialized in environmental control. With an eye towards high quality living environments Amcor started with several air purification models and today Amcor includes the most uniquely designed and intelligently engineered portable air conditioning systems.

Amcor's product offerings cover the gamut of the inside environment. Amcor product offerings include the latest technologies in air purification, sanitizing, dehumidification, cooling and heating. Depending on which of the many Amcor models you can choose from, air purifiers incorporate HEPA filters and photo catalytic oxidation on up through proprietary ultra violet light technology. This will ensure that Amcor will remain the leader in creating a safe and clean inside environment.

In portable air conditioning and dehumidification, Amcor again takes the lead. In the fast growing sector of portable air conditioning, Amcor has no rival. Uniquely sculptured cabinets house patented systems that generate higher capacities more efficiently. Amcor's mini-split systems allow for the creation of a cool and comfortable indoor environment with the easy installation of ductless air handlers. Dehumidification systems range from mini systems for spot drying small areas to continuous drain models for larger continuously damp areas.


Amcor APC2000E Portable AC

Amcor A12000E Portable AC

Amcor A12000E Portable AC

Amcor AM30 Air Purifier

Amcor AM30 Air Purifier

Amcor ALW12000EH Portable AC

Amcor ALD-12000M Portable AC

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