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NewAir AC-10000E Portable Air Conditioner Press Release

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NewAir Introduces the AC-10000E - Quite Possibly the Most Compact Portable Air Conditioner on the Market
Orange County, California -- NewAir, the California-based home appliance manufacturer, has formally announced the availability of a new portable air conditioner - the AC-10000E. Although portable air conditioners are still relatively unknown to consumers, according to market research conducted by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, there has been a sharp increase in portable AC purchases by consumers in the past few years.

NewAir's newest portable AC unit - the AC-10000E - incorporates the latest cooling technologies to provide an efficient yet lightweight product. As one of the most compact units in its cooling range, the NewAir AC-10000E portable air conditioner is an incredibly lightweight model that is designed for adding spot or supplemental cooling to areas such as small bedrooms, office cubicles, and personal spaces. This portable air conditioner features a high-tech look that is both contemporary and stylish. Its sleek design and small footprint blend unobtrusively with any decor.

Portability being its best feature, the NewAir AC-10000E comes with rolling casters so that users can move the unit at a moment's notice to any room that requires cooling. This portable AC's size advantage also makes it ideal for areas with limited floor space. In fact, the AC-10000E is quite possibly one of the most compact portable air conditioners on the market today.

In terms of cooling efficiency, the NewAir AC-10000E has a cooling capacity range of 10,000 BTUs per hour, allowing it to effectively cool most small to average sized rooms. The unit's built-in air purification system also collects airborne particles and eliminates odors. An easy-to-read digital LCD display allows for easy monitoring while the programmable 12-hour timer enables users to save on energy by setting it to operate only when needed.
"We're excited to announce the arrival of the NewAir AC-10000E. We wanted to offer consumers an alternative to most of the larger portable air conditioners you see today, and we definitely didn't want to sacrifice size for quality," said Jane Ross, Marketing Director for NewAir.

NewAir products are currently available exclusively through Air-N-Water is one of the country's largest independent retailers of residential and commercial heating, cooling, and purification products. The company has been at the forefront of climate control solutions since 2003. Air & Water offers the full range of NewAir portable air conditioners through their website ( and in their showroom in Santa Ana, California.

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