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Pet Air Purifiers

Pet air purifiers are designed to reduce and eliminate pet allergy causing particulates. Most utilize a combination of technologies, including HEPA and carbon filters.

Get Relief from Pet Allergies with a Pet Air Purifier!

Research has shown that six out of ten Americans come in contact with dogs or cats, and with the total pet population numbering more than 100 million, there are about four pets for every ten people.  With that said, pet allergies are extremely common, especially among those who suffer from asthma or other allergies, and 15 to 30 percent of allergy sufferers also suffer allergic reactions from dogs or cats. 

Luckily, pet allergies can be controlled through the use of a pet air purifier.  Because pet air purifiers utilize a combination of technologies such as HEPA filtration for pet dander and Activated Carbon for pet odors, up to 99.97% of these pet allergens can be eliminated from the air you breathe.