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Shower Heads, Filters, Handles, and Extensions  

Are you looking for a shower filter?  Do you want a new shower handle or shower head witha built-in filter?  We make it easy, view our options below. 

SHOWER FILTERS fit easily between your showerhead and the spout. It takes less than five minutes to attach and it works with your existing shower head!hob_cm_75pxbluearrowThe High-Output filter comes in chrome or brass. HOB-CM by Sprite Industries.
apsf_75pxbluearrowThe April Shower Original comes in white. APSF by NewMarket Naturals.
SHOWER HEADS often come with three to five spray options, including pulse massage, fine mist, and more! Customize your shower just the way you like it.fxd-snp6_75pxbluearrowFrom the ShowerUp line, this Showerhead comes in chrome or satin nickel with a wide, six inch spray!FXD-SNP6 by Sprite Industries.
ara5-ct_75pxbluearrowThe Royale All-In-One comes in white with chrome or gold trim with a new, longer-lasting cartridge! ARA5-CT by Sprite Industries
SHOWER HANDLES filter like a shower heaed but in a convenient hand held design! It's the perfect replacment for your old shower head.hm8-cm_75pxbluearrowThe very new PureMist line offers an extensive combination of eight massaging spray options and is available in chrome or white. HM8-CM by Sprite Industries
sfh5-cm_75pxbluearrowThe Shower Falls unit delivers water from a spray directly above, with five sprays and comes in chrome. SFH5-CM by Sprite Industries
EXTENSION ARMS filter thewater and extend the reach of your shower head so that any one can use it. An extension arm provides taller people with the head room they need.fxd-cm_75pxbluearrowThe ShowerUp Extension Arm for 40 inch adjustment comes in satin nickel or chrome. FXD-CM by Sprite Industries
fxs-cm_75pxbluearrowThe ShowerUp Extension Arm for 20 inch adjustment comes in satin nickel or chrome. FXS-CM by Sprite Industries
REPLACEMENT FILTER CARTRIDGES self-clean and are usually reversible, so that they can be periodically switched to maintain optimum water purification. Our best savings are offered in the two-pack cartridge bonus packages!hhc-2_75pxbluearrowThe HHC-2 comes in a two-pack! HHC-2 by Sprite Industries
aphc_75pxbluearrowThe APHC comes in a two-pack! APHC by April Shower
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