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Softball, Food, & Water Dispensers: 5 Tips To Make Work Fun & Increase Productivity

Make Your Job More Fun Coworkers 2

Have you ever seen a license plate cover that reads "I'd rather be...", followed by an activity on the bottom such as "fishing" or "skiing"? Why don't we ever see one that reads "working"? Well, because that's precisely what it is, work. And if you're like most of us, work can be a bit of a drag sometimes.

We all know how it feels getting up for work on Monday morning, or wonder why minutes feel like hours on a Friday afternoon. But what if we actually enjoyed being at work? Maintaining a positive attitude at work can help boost productivity and ultimately help you to excel at your job.

Below are 5 tips to encourage a better work attitude and help you to enjoy your time in the office.

1. There's No Place Like Home

Creating a welcoming work environment that feels like home can help you feel more confident each day. Adding framed photographs, candles, or even your favorite rug can help provide an environment to help you feel empowered and motivated to get through your day.

Most people employed with full time jobs spend just over 2,000 hours at work per year, that's nearly a quarter of each year! Enhancing your work space with personal belongings will help you to enjoy your time on the clock and allow you to feel comfortable in your environment.

Make Your Job More Fun Water Cooler

2. Video Games

Employers are beginning to place gaming systems into break rooms as a stress relief for employees during work. According to a recent survey by WorldWinner, a subsidiary of FUN Technologies Inc., more than 80 percent of online gamers who play video games periodically throughout the workday said their focus was better after playing. Studies show playing video games increases brain activity and helps sharpen decision making skills.

Playing video games helps to develop critical thinking which can be applied in the read world. Also, playing multi-player games, especially those that are played online with interactive groups are considered to have a prosocial effect on people which can lead to helpful behaviors and build a proactive attitude towards helping their coworkers. Implementing video games into the workplace creates a less stressful environment and enriches the work culture.

3. Play Ball!

Having fun outside of the office can help stimulate communication and create positive work relationships. Coworkers competing together in intramural sports such as softball or basketball can form bonds, allowing them to develop dependability and trust for one another. Not only will this create chemistry with the individuals you probably spend 40 hours a week with, but is also a healthy hobby that can help keep you fit.

According to Harvard Health Publications, a 155 lb. person burns off approximately 186 calories playing a half hour of softball. When working out, our bodies produce endorphins, which bind neuron-receptors to the brain and help to relieve pain and stress. Encouraging physical fitness in your office can relieve stress, give you more energy, and ultimately make you healthier. Staying active also can reduce anxiety and depression and boost personal confidence, allowing you to excel at your work tasks.

4. Food Potluck

Didn't know your coworker was a gourmet sushi chef before their current job? Or that your cubicle mate makes the best apple pie ever? Food potlucks at work help increase team building among employees through the communication of organizing the feast. Socializing is shows to not only help prevent mental disease, but help people think more clearly and improve cognitive performance.

Oscar Ybarra from the University of Michiganpoints out that "the size of our brain has been correlated with the size of the social groups the animals typically form" and that our brains evolve with our social problems to help us adapt to nature. Weekly, monthly, or even holiday potlucks give employees a chance to have fun socializing at work while enjoying a pleasant meal.

Make Your Job More Fun Healthy Life
5. Spend Time Around the Water Dispenser

Spending time around the water dispenser on break can help encourage employee communication and conversation. Voicing opinions and ideas to one another can help increase chemistry and understanding for fellow coworkers. Not only will water dispensers encourage conversation, but will keep employees healthy!

Because the brain mostly consists of water, consuming enough per day helps concentration and reduces headaches. It is estimated that people need approximately half their weight in ounces of water per day. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs., it is recommended you drink 75 ounces to meet your body's daily requirement. Water helps people to stay hydrated and flushes out toxins, encouraging energy and productivity.

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