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5 Things You'll Love About an Electric Fireplace

elegant fireplace heaterWinter time can be a magical time. Imagining spending a cold winter night curled up in front of a warm fireplace. Few memories are as comforting and inviting.

If you miss those days spent in front of the fireplace because you don't want the hassle of dealing with your wood or gas fireplace or simply don't have one anymore then one solution is an electric fireplace.

Most people don't realize that there is a huge selection of great looking, efficient, and safe electric fireplaces that cost a fraction as much as a traditional fireplace.

1. Energy efficient

An electric fireplace heater is an energy efficient option. These fireplace heaters require very little electricity to warm large spaces and run continuously without the need for additional fuel. Their low watt design heats large spaces but cost virtually pennies to run.

Gas powered traditional fireplaces are costly. Not only do they require fuel, but you pay high natural gas rates for only a few hours of enjoyment.

  • No wasted energy; every bit of energy drawn from the grid is used for a purpose
  • Small carbon footprint

2. classic flame fireplace heaterEco-Friendly and Convenient

These days everyone's looking for an environmentally friendly way to stay warm. Electric space heaters are a great alternative to natural gas heating. Electric fireplace heaters are no different.

You'll be able to eliminate the need for wood and fossil fuels just to have a pleasant atmosphere. There are zero emissions filling the air, resulting in a cleaner environment. Traditional fireplaces emit carbon monoxide, burn fossil fuels, and leave ash and soot behind.

  • Clean indoor air quality
  • No messy cleanup

3. Safe

If you have children or pets, an electric fireplace is a great choice. They include safety features like cool touch glass. There's less fire danger and no reason to worry about sparking embers. Your entire family can enjoy the fireplace heater without concern.

Traditional fireplaces can be dangerous. The flame is real, the embers are hot, and carbon monoxide is emitted. Electric fireplaces are a completely different story and only emit clean, safe heat evenly through the front vent.

  • No real flames, embers, or hot exterior surfaces
  • Chance of fire is significantly reduced

4. Designdimplex fireplace heater 2

With a huge selection of styles and designs there's an electric fireplace guaranteed to suit your taste. Electric fireplaces come designed as media consoles, full size mantel fireplaces, contemporary flat wall mount fireplaces, and even as an insert for your existing fireplace space.

There are countless different colors and patterns available to match your room and decor. You'll be able to have a beautiful centerpiece for your room or a great compliment to any space.

  • Many different styles of fireplace
  • Functional in any space

5. Year-Round Ambiance

An electric fireplace is a great year-round option as most have a flame only feature. Shut the heat off and simply enjoy the flame effect, perfect for romantic dinners or entertaining on a warm summer night.

Traditional fireplaces produce heat any time you want to enjoy the relaxing ambiance. There's no way to enjoy the flame effect without the heat. Some electric fireplaces even have realistic burning sounds that really set the mood.

  • Heating is optional
  • Realistic ambiance

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